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Dear Fellow Survivalist;

The New Jersey legislature raised the ire of gun owners several years ago, passing a law that mandated the sale of smart guns and only smart guns, within the state, once they were sold anywhere in the nation. I think there was a clause in there, allowing some time for inventory of non-smart guns to be sold off; but the end result would be that only smart guns could be sold in the state. That law may soon come to the test.

From what I’m hearing, there are some gun manufacturers who may field the first commercial smart gun later this year. If that happens, it won’t be long before the residents of New Jersey can’t buy anything else. Depending on the state’s success in fighting off the legal challenges which are sure to be raised, it wouldn’t surprise me if other left-leaning states or even cities quickly followed suit.

I feel sorry for those living in New Jersey, especially those with limited means, who can’t afford the extra cost of a smart gun. While manufacturers are saying that these new guns won’t be much more expensive than other comparable firearms, they’re also quoting prices of $900. I have one pistol that cost that much and I’ve seen others that cost a whole lot more; but most of what I own cost a whole lot less than that price; so it looks like they’re playing a bit free and easy with their definition of “comparable price for comparable firearm.”

This brings up many questions for us who are part of the community of gun owners. First and foremost; should we care? Overall I’d say yes to that, as it will eventually affect us all. While I seriously doubt that the gun grabbers will ever manage to pass a federal law requiring that all firearms or even all pistols have smart gun technology, there will be an effort to force this at the state level, especially in states controlled by the Democrat Party. I’m concerned about what this will mean for them, even while I doubt it to ever be an issue in my home state.

The second question this raises is whether there is even a place for these firearms. I’m going to risk your ire and say that yes, there is. While I don’t have any use for a smart gun myself, I can see situations where they can and maybe even should be used.

Smart gun technology is being developed to prevent accidental discharges that result in murder or suicide. Every year there are cases where children manage to get their hands on their parents’ gun, probably out of curiosity, and pull the trigger to see what will happen. The results are devastating, with children killing siblings and friends or even shooting themselves. Obviously these children didn’t intend for that to happen, nor did their parents, but it happens nonetheless.

People like you and I understand firearms and firearm safety. We store our guns in a way to ensure that safety and the loaded guns in our homes are either on our person or where little hands can’t get them. But that doesn’t mean that everyone is like that. There are plenty of first-time gun owners who don’t have the necessary training or mindset for gun safety. They’ve bought a gun for self-defense; but never bothered to learn how to use it safely and properly.

The Second Amendment applies to these people just as much as it does to you and I. We might complain about their ignorance; but the truth is, you can’t force people to learn and use wisdom. It may be possible, however, to make things safer for them and their families, by making smart guns available to them.

This is where I see smart guns having a place. Not so surprisingly, many of the people who fall into this category happen to be the left’s own people; those who have never owned a gun in their lives, but now see a need to be able to protect themselves. If they could concentrate on the idea of getting these people to buy smart guns, rather than trying to punish the rest of us, they might actually accomplish some good. But then, since when would they want to do something like that?

I’m glad my guns aren’t smart guns and I’ll take care of the gun safety myself.

But for others, those smart guns might be as important as keeping your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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