[Security Alert] Who got my IRS refund?

I’ve got an important update.

The problem:
Someone is trying to get steal your IRS refund. Hey its bad enough that Uncle Sam get his grubby hands all over your hard earned money. Now the criminals have learned that instead of lifting your wallet and breaking into your house, they can just sit at their computer. They file a phony IRS return on your behalf, with their address and bank info, and let the IRS mail them YOUR money. Then you are on the hook when the IRS comes to get its money back and sort everything out.

The proof:
It happened just last year to businessman David Parker of Seattle and it nearly cost him his personal fortune and a year of aggravation.

The solution:
There are a few things you can do to protect yourself:

  • The IRS will NEVER email you, so don’t respond to anything that pretends to be from them
  • File your return as quickly as possible, that way a fake return will at least get in after yours
  • Keep very close track of your credit and public records databases. If someone has filed under another address, it will appear in the public records database.

Lifelock does a great job of monitoring both your credit and your public records databases. Just two weeks ago someone in Florida tried to open a credit card in my name at a place called American Eagle Outfitters. As patriotic as that sounds its a clothing store for young skinny people that prefer to buy their clothes with holes already worn into them. Plus, I don’t live in Florida. You can bet that is not a place that I frequent.

I was alerted instantly, contacted the company, and the card was never issued. That kind of peace of mind is hard to come by these days – you can get 10% if you go through this link: http://Lifelock.com/PatriotOffer

Best, Chris Peterson

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