Rittenhouse Murder Trial

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, but it seems that much of the nation has been. As I sit here writing this, the jury is still out in deliberations. The two lesser, gun-related charges have been dropped, leaving the murder and attempted murder charges (along with lesser included crimes) as the only thing that the jurors are deliberating. Rumor has it that the holdup in the jury’s decision is that two of the jurors are concerned about threats for more rioting if Rittenhouse is not found guilty.

From what I have seen (and I haven’t seen everything) the video evidence and testimony given makes it clear that Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. That’s not to say that he was a hero, just that he isn’t guilty of murder. My personal opinion is that he shouldn’t have been there and that the police should have been doing their job.

I can truly understand Kyle running to the sounds of the muskets, so to speak. Parts of Kenosha were being destroyed, looted and burned by the rioters and the police had been told to stand down, allowing the destruction. This isn’t the first time in American history where citizens have taken up arms to protect their communities and it clearly won’t be the last. Nevertheless, he put himself in a dangerous situation, legally speaking, by taking his rifle to the riots. There was just too much of a chance for what happened to happen, putting him in a legal predicament.

While I have as much inner desire to run off and be a hero as anyone else, I have long recognized the legal danger in doing so. What would be even worse than the situation that Rittenhouse found himself in, would be to be in a situation where you stumbled upon an altercation and you had to decide in a moment who were the good guys and who were the bad ones. Choosing wrong could lead to not only allowing criminals to walk away free, but make you an accessory to their crime.

But that’s really not my big concern right now. I’m much more concerned about what is happening in the Rittenhouse trial. I’m not talking about what’s happening to Rittenhouse and whether or not he is adjudged to be guilty or innocent, but how the prosecutor is acting in the trial and how the mainstream media is reporting it.

Make no mistake about it; this is an all-out attack on our Second Amendment rights. The prosecutor’s handing of the case was so poor, that I would be shocked if the jury comes back with a guilty verdict. But at the same time, the prosecutor’s language has come strongly against our rights to keep and bear arms and to use those arms in self-defense. From calling our right to self-defense a “privilege” to saying that brining a rifle eliminates his right to self-defense, he has been publicly smearing anything having to do with the right of self-defense.

So what’s the end game for the prosecutor? I can’t read his mind, but it seems to me that it’s about affecting public opinion about our rights to self-defense. He has put those laws on trial, rather than the actions of a single individual in obedience to those laws. While the legal case presented has been a joke, to the point where the prosecution’s witnesses were making the defense’s points for them; the statements made by the prosecutor and spread all across the country by the left-leaning mainstream news are working to change public opinion about self-defense. That seems to me to be his goal.

We already know that the political left, along with their media allies, want to disarm us. Every case they can use to their benefit is being politicized, even though they have to lie to do it. This continual attack seems to be focused on arousing their political base, so that our rights will be overthrown.

There’s another political aspect of this too. That is how the prosecution and the media are feeding into the mob mentality. There are actually people in this country, especially in the mob who is threatening another riot, who are calling this a case against a “white supremacist” who killed unarmed black men. There are just three problems with that: 1 – all of the people involved were white, 2 – Kyle acted in self-defense, in at least one case having a pistol pointed at him, 3 – no evidence whatsoever of Rittenhouse being a white supremacist was presented in court. Yet the media is still drumming that beat.

The long deliberations of the jury seem to point to the likelihood that the aforementioned rumors about potential violence are true. If that’s the case, every hour that passes increases the likelihood of a hung jury. At the same time, we should be concerned about the dishonest media coverage and the increasing prevalence of mob rule in our society. As long as politicians and police forces won’t put down the mob when they are acting up and being violent, it will continue. The scary thing is what will happen if things get to the point where the politicians and judges are obeying the mob, rather than the law.

It sure is a good time to keep our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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