Real Life Bond Gadgets

James Bond, better known by his agent number 007, is a fictional character that was created by Ian Fleming in the early 1950s. Bond was featured in two short story collections and twelve novels by the talented writer. Most recently, the character of James Bond 007 has been the center of the longest running and most commercially successful film franchises in the English language, beginning with Dr. No in the early 1960s.


Following the death of Ian Fleming in 1964, the Bond novels were written by John Pearson, Raymond Benson, John Gardner, Sebastian Faulks and Kingsly Amis, who used the name Robert Markham. Christopher Wood novelized two screenplays, Charlie Higson wrote a series featuring a young James Bond and other various writers have written unofficial versions of the James Bond character. As of October 31, 2008, there have been twenty-two James Bond 007 films produced.


The most popular element of the Bond franchise is the exotic vehicles and spy equipment that the character is given for his assigned missions, which he always puts to good use just in the knick of time.


The early adaptations featured only minimal devices such as the modified attaché case that Bond used in From Russia with Love. The infamous Bond gadgets became more of a forefront feature in the film version of the spectacular Goldfinger. The sensational success of the film influenced the subsequent films to include more and more impressive spy gadgets for the secret agent to use in his quest to outwit the enemy.


Eventually, movie viewers came to expect the scene in each film where Q would demonstrate the tools that Bond would be using on his mission. Each piece would prove to be invaluable to the success of 007’s mission.






It is possible to obtain your own real gadgets just like the ones used by James Bond 007 from cutting lasers to X-ray goggles. The best part is that you do not have to be some kind of government official to get the best sky gear on the market.


James Bond uses the laser in his watch to cut through just about anything. In the real world, the lasers come in several vibrant colors and can be seen in the daylight with protective eyewear. These lasers do not quite fit inside a watch, but lasers the size of a ballpoint pen can cut, ignite or point at things from miles way. Wicked Lasers has a fine selection from which you can choose, as does LaserGlow.


Little metal skeleton keys called picks can be used to unlock doors. If you do not have the skills to pick locks, you can purchase a lock pick gun, which will do all of the dirty work for you. Lock picking training devices are also available. If you have access to a key, you can purchase a mold kit that is complete enough to duplicate any key you find. The best place I found for lock picking equipment is The Spy Store.


With technology like GPS tracking devices, slipping a small gadget into someone’s pocket is a simple task to accomplish. All you need is a small box, smaller than half of a cigarette pack. The built-in magnets let you stick the device to anything you want to track. The Spy Store also has a great selection of GPS trackers available.


A truly great spy can get into any facility, with or without permission. Other than picking locks, which requires substantial patience, there are several ways to get inside anywhere you want to be such as metal and rope ladders, grappling hooks, suction cups and other forcible entry tools. Tbo-Tech and The Spy Store are the best places that I have come across for intrusion equipment.


Security that uses unique body components are tough to crack. Even though things such as voice recognition, fingerprint, palm and hand scanning, retina and iris reading, facial 3-D modeling verification, hand vein imagery and DNA testing devices are tougher to purchase because you have to provide personal information and explain why you need the equipment. However, this type of equipment can get quite costly. One of the best brands for this type of equipment is Panasonic.


Equipment is available that allows you to record video and audio over a large distance or through a device like a telephone without detection. Cameras and microphones available are smaller than a fingernail and can be adjusted either to be on all of the time or to be activated by motion or sound. Cameras that can be used in the dark and microphones that pinpoint sound from a hundred feet in the distance are available. The Spy Store is the best place that I have found to get the latest audio and video spy gadgets.


It is now possible to know every move someone makes on a computer, such as passwords and other information. Simple plug-in devices no bigger than a nickel are available to use on computers, allowing you access to hundreds of pages of typed text. You can monitor the press of every button on the keyboard without a lot of expensive software.


Once the recording is complete, just take it out, plug it into a computer and enter the password. You will be able to see everything that was typed. If retrieving the device is no an option, you can have the recording sent to a FTP server, website or email.


The device can be left in place for years to come. Software is available for use in the same way that not only records keystrokes, but will also record what appears on the computer screen as well. More information on surveillance devices of this type can be found at The Spy Store.


If you are going to be a real spy like 007, you are going to require Bond-like protection. At Tbo-Tech, you will find everything you need to stay secure throughout your real-life missions from police batons to ninja weapons. You can get a stun gun or taser made to look like a cell phone, just like the one Bond uses. You can get thumbcuffs, handcuffs, blowguns that will shoot a dart up to two hundred feet and pepper spray fashioned to resemble a tube of lipstick. Although these weapons are for the most part non-lethal, you should still practice extreme caution when using such a device.


One of the first things you learn as a spy is to always watch your back. That means keeping an eye out for anyone trying to keep tabs on you. You can get a bug sweeper of your own like the one used by Bond to prevent being spied on yourself. These bug detectors will point out to you any bugs on your fax phone or computer. These devices are also capable of detecting hidden cameras and microphones as well. You can also get anti-tracers that will jam the signal so you cannot be tracked by GPS.


To protect your computer from malicious snoopers, you can get a government grade protection program that can save you from being monitored through your computer.


It does not matter if you “delete” data from your computer; it is rarely ever completely eradicated. Even experienced programmers who know to delete the cache can still be can still be monitored thanks to the 0’s and 1’s that remain in an inaccessible area of your hard drive. The government will have no problem pulling up such data. There is, however, software available on the market today that will provide you with the tools to delete information from your personal computer completely.


Several Bond-like devices are necessary for any great spy. There are websites on the Internet where you can get a USB SIM card reader that allows you to access everything on someone’s cellular telephone. You can even access deleted objects like text messages, just by plugging in the SIM card.


Hand-held lie detectors and several other types of remarkable spy gear online at places such as Think Geek and United Nuclear. These sites have the best selection of high tech spy gadgets like X-ray glasses and cellular telephone jammers. If you prefer to keep your identity anonymous when shopping for spy gear, prepaid credit cards are definitely a viable option. Some of the items available on the Internet may be illegal, so be sure to check your local laws and restrictions.


At Think Geek, not only will you find many awesome spy gadgets, but you can also choose from a huge selection of shirts and caffeine products that are sure to keep you wide-awake for long stakeouts. United Nuclear offers everything from dangerous chemicals and radioactive uranium to Van De Graff machines, meteorites, Tesla coils and lab equipment. You will also find some rare and unusual substances, phosphorous materials, cloud chambers, X-ray machines and magnets the size of your fist that can lift up to eight hundred pounds.






If you have ever seen any of the James Bond 007 films, then you are familiar with the Bond Girls. A Bond Girl can be a damsel in distress that Bond must rescue, a sexy secret agent, a villain from an enemy agency or the mistress or accomplice to a master villain. These girls are known for being pleasing to the eye. Some have no significant influence on the storyline, while others play a pivotal role in the mission.


If you are going to be a true spy through and through, then you must be distinguished and suave with the ladies. Every great spy knows that the best way to a woman’s heart is to show her your impressive spy gadget. We asked some Bond Girl-type ladies what they look for in a gadget and found out with Bond gadgets are most impressive to the ladies.


One of the favorites that were mentioned was the dart gun wristwatch that Roger Moore wore as James Bond in Moonraker. This weapon is easily firs darts at an opponent that are laced with cyanide. This exact wristwatch is not legally available for sale to the general public; however, there are several cool gadget watches on the market that are sure to impress the ladies. There are wristwatches that do magic tricks, feature GPS tracking capabilities and much, much more.


Another gadget that was talked about a lot is actually more of a vehicle than a gadget really. The ladies seem to love the submarine car in The Spy Who Loved Me. The wheel on this car would convert into fins and a periscope would pop out of the top when the vehicle reached the water. The submarine car even featured missile-firing capabilities.


The sQuba, spelled with a capital “Q” in tribute to gadget expert of the Bond films maneuvers just like an ordinary car all the way until you drive off into the water. The car will float until you crack the door and let in water. Then, the car will immediately sink up to 33 feet underwater where you will be able to propel and steer the vehicle up to a maximum of just under two miles per hour. Breathable air pumps in from compress air tanks to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers. The sQuba will cost you about $1,500,000.


The lethal briefcase that was introduced in the film From Russia with Love is one that proved to be particularly impressive as well. This device has the appearance of a typical men’s briefcase, but is packed full of everything that James Bond 007 will need to be successful on his mission. This particular briefcase included a sniper rifle, a cartridge of tear gas, a knife and some rifle ammo.


We could not find an exact match complete with tear gas and sniper rifle, but we did find a pretty nice 007: James Bond Spy Briefcase for just over $2,500. On the outside, it just looks like a normal everyday run-of-the-mill briefcase, but you will be amazed at all of the cool stuff that is on the inside of the case. The case is custom built with a high-resolution 12V camera with adjustable color effects. There is a Sony GVD800 digital recorder that will record images for as long as two hours and a FWV vibrating LAVC control. The price is somewhat high, as is the case with most of the things you spend money on just to impress the ladies, but you have to admit it is a very nice briefcase. In fact, this would be a nice briefcase for anyone, not just a secret agent on the lookout for his leading lady.


Another favorite amongst the softer gender is the laser watch that was used in GoldenEye. Bond is stuck on a train that is about to explode so he uses his Omega wristwatch and scarpers to cut a hole in the floor. While it may not cut a hole through a train floor, Smith & Wessonhas a cool watch that features a laser pointer, compass and metal clip so you can clip it on the inside of your tux. The combo watch usually retails in the neighborhood of somewhere around $40.


Finally, the all-time favorite Bond gadget that really impressed the ladies was the jetpack in Thunderball. This gadget was actually produced for the film by Bell Aerosystems. The gadget was developed for use by the United States Army to allow American soldiers to jump over high walls, wide rivers and more. The only flaw was the amount of flying time, which was a mere 20 seconds. This proved to be quite impractical.


TAM produces a custom Rocket Belt that uses the latest and greatest in aerospace material and advance technology. This is the same type of flying machine that was used by Bill Suitor in the Bond films. Since the market for jetpacks was established by TAM, many other companies offer various versions of the jet pack. You should be able to get a deal on your own flying machine for about $25,000.






James Bond 007 is an incredible secret agent. He knows how to handle his ladies and he knows how to handle his gadgets. You too can be just as great with a little help from the right gadgets. Bond was not from a distant plant, he was not bitten by a radioactive spider or anything of the sort that would grant him superhuman powers. No, 007’s powers come from the coolest gadgets that man has ever seen.


Read on to find out about even more incredible gadgets like listening devices that will allow you to hear even the faintest of whispers; hidden cameras that make it possible to monitor anyone, anytime, anywhere; gadgets that let you track moving vehicles; as well as gadgets even a child can use.

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