QUESTION: Is California Bankrupting America?

A financial collapse is coming that will cripple America and leave citizens in the streets begging for scraps.

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It’s no secret that the US debt is spiraling out of control.
Washington doesn’t have the guts to deal with the problem and continue to rack up bills by overspending.

The Federal Reserve is buying America at a steep discount by printing more and more money.

Every time the FED prints more money the dollar is devalued and it costs you more to buy the items you need for your family.

Paying for debt by creating more debt is a bubble that is set to burst, and when it does families that do not prepare will suffer badly.

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The state of California operates at a $40 Million per day deficit. California alone is enough to collapse America.

The warning signs are all over the place. When Hyper Inflation hits, it will do so overnight and prices will skyrocket.

Can you afford $73 loaf of bread right now?

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