[Privacy Alert] Congress is coming after your privacy – AGAIN

I have an update on an absolutely privacy killing law that WAS killed long ago, but has risen from the dead. CISPA, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, is (stop me if you’ve heard this before) designed to increase national security. It’s intention is to open lines of communication between business and government on cyber threats like attacks and security breaches.


So what’s the problem?
The language is so vague that it will allow government and business entities to freely share your information without your permission. You know what that means: another hit to your personal privacy.

So what’s the solution?
First off contact your congressman and let them know that you want them to kill this bill and anything that would further reduce your personal privacy. Too many people are simply accepting this new world where privacy is quickly disappearing. If you make your voice heard that this issue is important, they might just listen.

This bill is likely to affect the large information aggregators like Google and Facebook, so make sure you have your maximum privacy settings scaled up on those sites and anything else you use regularly.

Looking out for your privacy…

Chris Peterson

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