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I wanted to send a quick note with a free resource that was sent to me by a friend this week.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has created a terrific guide to protecting yourself from TSA agents and Federal agents while traveling.

Most people don’t know that a TSA agent can demand to search your phone or laptop at a border crossing and that you have ways of protecting yourself.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll learn:

1) Why Can My Devices Be Searched at the Border?

2) How the Government Searches Devices at the Border

3) Deciding How to Protect Your Data

a) Your citizenship, immigration, or residence status

b) Time sensitivities

c) How much hassle you’re willing to tolerate from border agents

d) How important it is for you to have access to your data during your journey

e) How good your Internet access will be during your travels

f) The countries you’ve visited before entering the United States

g) Your history with law enforcement

4) Some Basic Precautions

5) Backups

a) Backups using the Internet

b) Backups using an external hard drive

6) Minimizing Data You Carry

a) The challenges of secure deletion

b) Operating System on an SD Card

7) Encryption

a) Account passwords versus full-disk encryption

b) Choosing a disk encryption tool

c) Choosing a secure passphrase

d) Border agent demands for access to data

8) Technology-specific Considerations

a) Flash drives

b) Mobile phones and similar devices

c) Temporary phones for travel

d) Secure deletion of data and disk encryption for mobile devices

e) Digital cameras

9) Interacting with Border Agents

a) Don’t lie

b) Don’t obstruct an agent’s investigation

c) Courtesy

10) Appendix

Go check it out for yourself here:

Stay safe out there, we’re looking out for you…

Chris Peterson, privacy advocate

PS: This weekend I’m going to show you a couple of VERY affordable guides to hiding your guns and buying gold for pennies on the dollar.  Its coming Saturday and Sunday.  Stay tuned….
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