Prepping, Super Rich Style

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

For most of us who have chosen prepping as a way of life, prepping is a financial burden. Typically, we have to adjust our budgets and so without, in order to have the money to stockpile food, buy survival equipment and everything else that’s a normal part of the prepping lifestyle. But there is a small, but growing group of prepper who don’t have those struggles, simply because they have enough money to throw it away.

For these people, prepping is a form of insurance, no different than buying business insurance or insuring their homes. Looking at the world around them, they see many of the same dangers that you and I do. Having the money they need, they do what they can to ensure the safety of their families.

In an extensive article, published in the New Yorker, Evan Osnos explores the world of these wealthy preppers and the preps they are doing. While little different than that which the rest of us do, their ready access to money makes their preps seem more extreme. Mostly though, that difference shows up in the bug out retreats that they choose.

The interesting thing about these people is that they aren’t “old money” but rather people who have made their own fortune. Unlike Hollywood celebrities, these are businesspeople, especially in technical and financial industries, who have made their success by being just a little bit more savvy than the next guy. They are used to spotting opportunities and trends before anyone else does, and turning those opportunities into cash. So, when they speak, it can be worthwhile to listen.

The fact that so many of them see the need to prep is telling in and of itself. These are the type of people who we would expect to be scoffers 20 years ago. Yet they have stopped scoffing and started preparing. Obviously they think something is coming, which warrants their spending the money to get prepared.

Yet like most preppers, they are largely quiet about what they are doing. It seems that they all agree in the need for secrecy, because they all believe that whatever is coming will cause a breakdown in society. That’s what they’re preparing for, more than anything; looking for safe places to take their families, as well as the means to get them there.

With the money they have available to them, many are buying properties off-shore, where they will be safe from anything that happens here in the United States. New Zeeland has become a favored destination, with so many of them buying property and applying for citizenship in that small country, as to create a stir of protest amongst the citizens there.

It is interesting to see that the majority of these people feel that bugging out to a safe haven is the way to deal with a disaster. For most of us, bugging in is the best option, yet few of these people seem to be contemplating that option as a means of survival. Perhaps that’s because they feel that the greatest danger they face is the poor turning against the “one percenters,” a club they are all card-carrying members of.

Considering the actions of progressives since the 2016 elections, this is a very real possibility. During the years of Obama’s presidency, Democrats were beating the old drum of class division, complaining about the unfair distribution of wealth and inciting violence amongst the poor. This is, of course, total hypocrisy, as they are all wealthy themselves, yet it is one of the ways they divide the people.

Yet this class warfare may just come back to bite them, and apparently wealthy preppers see this as a very real risk. If that is the case, then it is as much a risk to you and I, the average American, as it is to them. To those who are poor, everyone else is wealthy. They won’t care that we aren’t millionaires, they’ll just see us as being “haves” and themselves as the “have nots.”

This is one of the scenarios which pretty much dictates bugging out. No matter how hard we try, we really can’t turn our homes into fortresses which are safe from mob attack. Oh, we might be able to fight of the first wave of attack; but they will eventually overwhelm us. There are many more of them, than there are of us.

So, the lesson we must learn from these ultra-rich preppers is to have a safe haven we can retreat to, in the case of massive social unrest. That’s actually a lesson we already knew, but they have once-again confirmed that lesson for us. A good bug out plan, with a prepared survival retreat, has to be part of every prepper’s plans.

Looks like we still need to keep our powder dry and our survival equipment close at hand.

-Chris and Dr. Rich

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