Preparing for Ebola

Rob Douglas here.

I’ve been watching the developing Ebola epidemic in West Africa very closely. While I still believe this will not be a serious threat to the United States, I must admit the virus has spread faster than I thought it would.

So it will not hurt to be prepared. Better safe than sorry.

If the epidemic reaches the United States and develops into a serious threat – again, I’m underscoring the word if – it is quite possible there would be mandatory home quarantines until the virus runs its course.

If that possibility becomes reality, the question is: Do you have enough food on hand to feed yourself and your family if you are cut off from your normal food supply?

As always, I want you to have the resources to decide what is best for you and your family.

First, read this report, “CDC: Ebola Could Infect 1.4 Million in Liberia and Sierra Leone by End of January,” that ran this week in the Washington Post. Here are few important snippets.

–“The Ebola epidemic in West Africa, already ghastly, could get worse by orders of magnitude, killing hundreds of thousands of people and embedding itself in the human population for years to come, according to two worst-case scenarios from scientists studying the historic outbreak.” [emphasis added]

–“The virus could potentially infect 1.4 million people in Liberia and Sierra Leone by the end of January, according to a statistical forecast by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published Tuesday. That number came just hours after a report in the New England Journal of Medicine warned that the epidemic might never be fully controlled and that the virus could become endemic, crippling civic life in the affected countries and presenting an ongoing threat of spreading elsewhere.” [emphasis added]

–“The virus is extraordinarily lethal, killing about half the people infected, though in some regions it has killed close to 70 percent. The virus is spread by bodily fluids; corpses are viral bombs, and the traditional practice of washing the dead for burial has been implicated in the explosion of the disease.” [emphasis added]

Now, it’s important to note that the report indicates: “These dire scenarios from highly respected medical sources were framed, however, by optimism from U.S. officials that an accelerated response can and will contain the outbreak in the weeks and months ahead.”

The question is, can we trust “optimism from U.S. officials” when so much of everything else that U.S. officials claim to be true turns out to be false?

By way of example, didn’t President Barack Obama tell us in January that ISIS (the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) was the junior varsity when it comes to terrorism? And now, in September, that same president just launched a war against ISIS.

Again, I don’t think the Ebola epidemic is going to spread beyond the African continent. But, I don’t think we should trust the U.S. government’s predictions given how often the government is wrong.

For that reason, this is a good time for all of us to be sure we have enough food on hand in case we are cut off from our normal food source during a quarantine or because of interruptions in the food supply chain.

Many of you probably have sources you use for long-term food storage and supplies. In case you don’t, here are two sources you may want to investigate.

The first is a video offer: The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage from the Self-Reliance Institute. (I am personally affiliated with the Self-Reliance Institute and the price for this guide is an incredible bargain)

The second is also a video offer: Food 4 Patriots by a company with the same name. (I am not personally affiliated with this company, but I think their offer is also a bargain.)

OK. As always, I want you to decide for yourself about any information I provide. And I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Do you think Ebola is a potential threat to the United States?

Do you trust U.S. officials who say the virus can be contained to the African continent?

Let me know by emailing me at [email protected]

Be safe, secure and free,

Rob Douglas – Former Washington, DC Private Detective

PS: Just as I was ready to hit send, I came across another report I want you to see. The report, “U.S. Hospitals Unprepared to Handle Ebola Waste,” indicates:

U.S. hospitals may be unprepared to safely dispose of the infectious waste generated by any Ebola virus disease patient to arrive unannounced in the country, potentially putting the wider community at risk, biosafety experts said…Experts say it is only a matter of time before at least some infected patients are diagnosed in U.S. hospitals, most likely walking into the emergency department seeking treatment.” [emphasis added]
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