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I just want to personally thank you for taking the next step toward to protecting yourself, your family and your home!
Here you’ll find our archived content. Below you’ll see The Patriot Protector Library that we’ve compiled for you. Just click on each item you want and then right click to save to your computer.
Also, everything you need to know about the Protection Insurance Program is right here.
Below that is the DIY Gun Library where you can see prints and plans to make your own guns.  At the very bottom you’ll see the link to the Privacy Dashboard, the shortcut to deleting yourself on the web!  Plus there is a massive video library toward the bottom.
And last but not least, we’ll be sending you weekly Home Protection Association advisories to your email inbox. You’ll see them come from me at so be sure to watch for those.
Thanks for being here and let us know if you have any issues!

Plus some select articles from our archive:

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