Pets as Part of Your Home Defense

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

One of the most important parts of being able to defend yourself from an attack is being aware that the attack is coming. Even a few seconds worth of warning can make a huge difference, allowing your mind to switch gears from “peacetime” mode to being ready to take action. A few seconds more and you can have a weapon in your hand and be putting a plan of action together. It’s all about knowing what is coming, before it does.

That’s why we’ve talked about situational awareness and staying in condition yellow, rather than condition white. But what about when you are home? Unless you are sitting in a lookout perch, looking out the window, you’re really not going to know what’s going on outside. Your first indication of any danger is likely to be someone kicking in your door or throwing a rock through your window.

Standard burglar alarms aren’t much better, as they don’t work until someone tries to break the exterior of your home. That gives you the same amount of notice as hearing that door splinter or the window shatter. You need something that is detecting what’s going on outside your home, so that it can give you warning.

Security companies provide solutions for this, with high-resolution video cameras, motion sensors and lights that come on automatically when the motion sensors tell them to. But all of this is expensive and unless you are going to monitor it, really isn’t going to give you any warning about what’s going on.

That’s why dogs are such an excellent part of any home defense plan. Dogs are naturally territorial and they are very sensitive to what is going on around their territory (your home). A good dog will let you know every time someone comes near your home. Granted, checking on the false alarms that are bound to happen may get a bit tiring, especially if you live in an area where you have a lot of traffic going by your home, but at least you’ll stand a chance of knowing an attack is coming.

Personally, I’d rather have to take a look out the window every time my dogs start barking, than run the risk of someone coming onto my property and not know what’s happening. The few seconds it takes to get up and look out the window really don’t mess up my day. But having someone make it to my door, without knowing that they are coming just might.

Ok, but what if you can’t have dogs? Some people are allergic to them and cats really don’t do a very good job of warning you when people are coming. However, there are other animals which will.

One of the best alternatives to dogs is guinea hens. Like dogs, they are highly territorial. So they raise a ruckus every time someone comes around. A small flock of guinea hens can raise quite a ruckus too. Not only that, but they attack pests in the garden, as well as other animals that decide to wander onto your property. These birds work in harmony and will surround an animal to attack it.

Some other birds are good guard pets as well, especially geese and swans. Both are highly aggressive, territorial birds, who are fearless in protecting their property. I don’t know if you’ve ever been chased by a goose, but they can be much scarier than you would expect. They also bite. The trick in both cases is that you have to have a pond in your yard or a moat around your home to get them to stay.

Geese are actually aggressive enough that they are used in Europe to guard military installations. While I have yet to see a goose with a bandolier of ammunition across its chest and an assault rifle in its wings, their ability to raise the alarm when intruders come around proves their worth.

Besides dogs and fowl, there are a few other animals who are highly territorial and are good at raising an alarm, although you might not want to consider either of them, unless you have a fair amount of property. I’m talking about donkeys and llamas. Both of these relatively docile creatures are quick to raise the alarm if they perceive their territories are being invaded.

Llamas are so good as alarm animals that they are used in Britain to guard sheep and goat herds. Granted, a llama isn’t going to take on a wolf like sheepdogs would, but the llama will certainly let you know if there is a wolf getting close. They will also let you know if people are getting close that don’t belong there. Both llamas and donkeys are louder than you’d expect, making them excellent alarms.

So, make sure you have someone keeping watch for you, whether it is the family dog or another of these choices. That way, you’ll have warning time to react, making it worthwhile to keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Chris and Dr. Rich

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