One Closer to Civil War Step

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Many powerful forces and powerful people are at work in our country, every day. Sadly, not all of them are working for our benefit. While there are those who wish to do us good, there are also those who are working against us, working to take our rights and our liberty.

Such is the case of those who are part of the gun-grabbing left. These people don’t care about doing the will of the people. They don’t care about the people who voted them into office. Rather, all they are afraid of “We the People,” especially because we have the ability to remove them from office; either through the ballot box, or if they refuse to obey that, through force, if necessary.

As we all know, this is the ultimate purpose behind the Second Amendment. It’s not about the ability to go hunting or even to defend our homes from criminals. The true reason the Second Amendment was included in the Bill of Rights, was to ensure that the government continued to work for the people, rather than turning into the people’s masters; it was so that we could overthrow tyranny.

It looks like we’re about to see a real-life example of that in action. Virginia’s governor is making claims that he is going to enforce gun confiscation caused by new gun control laws voted in by the state legislature. He’s even considering calling out the state’s National Guard units to enforce those laws, if the citizens don’t willingly hand over their guns.

So far, 84 counties and cities have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuary” cities or counties in response to this. One county sheriff has publically declared that he’ll deputize as many people as necessary, for the express purpose of protecting his citizens’ Second Amendment rights.

Ever since the push for gun control started picking up steam, back during Obama’s Presidency, there have been those who have been claiming that any attempt to confiscate our guns will result in the country’s second civil war. We’re about to find out if that’s true.

Those on the political left don’t understand our commitment to our guns. But then, they don’t understand our commitment to liberty either. They’ve given up their liberty for safety; so as Benjamin Franklin is quoted as having said, they don’t deserve either. That doesn’t seem to bother them, as long as they can hold onto their false image of security. That image is sufficient in their minds, to justify doing just about anything to us, including killing us for not obeying their decrees.

This has already happened in the case of “red flag” laws, where people’s Second Amendment rights can be suspended, if it is determined that they are a risk to society. The problem is, determining risk is hard to do and the criteria varies from state to state. Some states are at least requiring judicial review, while others accept a sworn statement before a police officer.

There has been at least one person killed, in the rush to implement those red flag laws. At this point, there’s no saying how many others will be mistakenly killed. Police officers sent out to confiscate firearms are naturally going to have their nerves on edge, not knowing whether they are facing danger or not. That will make it very easy for them to respond to anything that appears aggressive, with violence of their own.

Multiply that by 100 and you’ve got the situation they’re looking at in Virginia, as 2020 begins. If the governor insists that he will implement the new, unpopular gun control laws and confiscate those guns which will be newly called “Illegal” to own, he is probably going to have a lot of blood on his hands. But it seems, he doesn’t mind that, as long as it is the blood of law-abiding citizens who own guns.

Of course, the other variable in this question is whether or not law enforcement officers will obey his command and go out to make those confiscations. Most police officers see these restrictions as illegal, in open defiance to the Second Amendment. There are also a majority of police officers who see confiscating guns as dangerous to their own safety. They are fearful that they will be the wounded ones, as many gun owners are excellent shots.

These concerns are what are fueling the governor’s consideration of using the National Guard to enforce these new laws. By definition, the National Guard soldiers, not police officers. So they don’t have the same mental attitude or concerns as police. They are trained to respond to threats of force with bigger force, utilizing tactics like “reconnaissance by fire,” where they shoot first and ask questions later. That may eliminate the risk to the soldiers in question, but it does so at the cost of the blood of the very citizens that our government officials, at all levels, are sworn to protect.

Militias are already forming in secret, in response to this threat. I’d say there’s a high chance that militias from other states are preparing to support them, just as they did for Clive Bundy in 2014. The stage is being set. The only question seems to be… who is going to provide the spark that turns it into open warfare?

Looks to me like we’ve all got reason to be concerned. Such things can easily spread. It’s a good time to keep our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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