Now you can really delete yourself…

We just keep adding more features for you to help protect your privacy and take your privacy off the grid.

This one is free, but only for a limited time.  We call it the privacy dashboard and its an easy way for you to delete online profiles of the msot popular sites in the world.

I recently used this to delete an old LinkedIn account, but there are dozens of sites listed:

It will take you directly to the place to delete your profiles and even tells you how hard or easy it is to do.  Check it out.

Now this will only be available for a limited time, its going to be part of the Patriot Privacy & Security Society here in a few days.

If you haven’t already, I really encourage you to sign up for a free trial of the Patriot Privacy and Security Society.

Our privacy expert Rob Douglas, who was a private investigator in Washington DC for 20 years, is doing a whole series on conceal carry weapons.  He carries a weapon every day and will show you how he does it, which guns he prefers, and the legal implications of doing so.

He’ll walk you through everything you need to know to be able to protect yourself – legally.  You can sign up for that here:

Thanks for being here….

Chris Peterson,
Privacy Guy

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