New World Currency

I just watched a video that I think you’ll want to see.

[Here is the link.]

As you may know, the future of the US dollar looks very bleak.

> China has called for the end of the USD as the world’s currency.
> Obamacare is destroying the United States.
> For the first time in recent history, the government is
actual considering how to default on its debt.
> The US’s credit rating will be going down the drain as
people start to wake up and realize that Treasury Bonds
are now worthless.

But the question remains: what will replace the
dollar as the world’s reserve currency?

Sure, gold is a good store of wealth, but it is impractical
to use as payment for guns and butter.

So, what will replace the USD for everyday use?
For online transactions? For international trade?

[This new digital currency] 
Called Bitcoin.

You may have heard about it online or in the news recently.
Its value has skyrocketed 17,000% over the last year.
And many, like the author of [this video] believe it is just the beginning.

Jarrod Dennis, the man in this controversial vid, takes you
down this intriguing rabbit hole, and reveals, what may become
the world’s new reserve currency.

[Watch and learn.]

If this doesn’t get you excited, or at least peak some
serious interest, I don’t know what will.

Its worth a look.

Chris Peterson

PS: Jarrod says that although its made incredible gains, he thinks it
will continue to quadruple in value in the next 6 months. [Watch why right here.]

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