New Push for Gun Control

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Former President Obama famously said, “Elections have consequences.” That flippant statement couldn’t have been truer. As we head into the first year of Biden’s presidency, we’re already starting to see some of those consequences. The Democrat Party is determined to use their control of both houses of congress, along with the presidency, to push their agenda as hard and as far as they can.

High up on Biden’s agenda is gun control. He campaigned on that issue and has already given his marching orders to Congress, telling them he wants to see legislation passed on all the gun grabbers’ favorite hobbyhorses. We can expect to see a raft of bills being presented in the House of Representatives, while the Democrats are still in control and Nancy Pelosi holds the gavel.

At this time, the first of this legislation is already in the House. It specifically attacks the AR-15 and all its variants, along with normal capacity magazines. There are measures to require background checks for all gun sales and a nationwide registry of firearms. If Biden has his way, this will be followed up by a requirement that all gun owners pass psychological exams and have gun owner liability insurance, premiums for which will have to be paid to the government. There are also some permitting requirements he wants to pass, forcing us to pay for our right to own guns and even magazines.

Clearly the idea is to punish law-abiding gun owners and strip us of our Second Amendment rights. Like most such measures, it harms those who are disadvantaged more than others. Where you or I might be able to afford to pay for these measures, those who are living nearer the poverty line won’t. Those are also the people who need firearms for self-defense more than anyone else.

So, the big question is whether or not these measures will pass. With the Democrat Party having control of both houses of Congress, as well as the presidency, it would seem like a given. But that’s not necessarily so.

While it is easy for the Democrats to get anything they want through the House of Representatives on a simple majority, it isn’t so easy for them to do so in the Senate. Senate rules require that there be a 59 vote majority to bring about what is known as “cloture” and bring a bill to a vote. This is what all the talk about doing away with the filibuster is about. But so far, Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader hasn’t done that.

What this means is that as things stand right now, the Democrats can’t get any gun control measure to a vote in the Senate, without getting at least 9 Republicans to go along with them. So a lot of our gun rights depend on the Republicans in the Senate right now. They need to stand strong against these measures.

But there’s more to it than Republican Senators. Gun control is unpopular today, even amongst many Democrats. Lawmakers who expect to be reelected in 2022 and 2024 had better be thinking about what their constituents are going to have to say about any gun control measures they vote in favor of. That could be the issue that flips many votes, making those lawmakers lose their seats.

But there’s more that stands in Democrats way in passing gun laws. Besides getting them through the legislative process, any such law is going to be challenged in court. While the courts, especially the Supreme Court, don’t like getting involved in gun control issues, this might be the time where they have to. Based upon past decisions, it’s doubtful that any serious breach of our Second Amendment right would be approved and not overthrown by the Supreme Court.

That’s why some on the left are pushing to pack the Supreme Court, increasing their numbers and filling those positions with progressive justices. Should they do that, then we would lose the protection of the court system in verifying the constitutional legality of any laws. Part of the progressive stance is that justices should legislate from the bench, “righting” things that aren’t right in the law. In other words, twisting things to a progressive position, when Democrats can’t get it passed as law.

Finally, there is one other protection in the works, although I have to say it is a shaky one. Several states are working on passing laws, making themselves “Second Amendment Sanctuary States” in preparation for any new laws that Biden and Congress pass. While federal law overrides state law, this could make it difficult for any federal officials to enforce these new laws.

The situation looks risky; but I think we’ll weather it out with only minimal damage. There are several hurdles that Democrats have to overcome, in order to pass their new laws. While I won’t say that they can’t overcome them all, it’s not going to be as easy as they are making it sound.

In the mean time, you and I need to make our voices heard, calling or e-mailing our lawmakers’ offices and letting them know where we stand on these issues. Letting them know that we’ll hold them accountable for their vote on Second Amendment issues is important and could sway the vote of some, especially those who are facing a difficult race in 2022.

Other than that, keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand. I’ll feel sorry for you if you lose any of your guns overboard in a boating accident, so take care of them.

Dr. Rich

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