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We’ve had a ton of great feedback on our book over the last week.  Thanks for all that have tuned in.  You have probably already gone through the book and started taking your identity off the grid, but for those that haven’t had time, here are some more tips.


These will help prevent the NSA tracking that has been all over the news lately, most of them are free:

  • The Cocoon browser plugin will prevent a lot of the tracking that Google, Facebook and advertisers do to track you across the web:  This is important because the NSA is raiding Google and Facebook’s databases too, despite the company’s reluctance to give up customer info.
  • Do Not Track Me does similar things to Cocoon,  This company also has a service we’ve talked about before that will delete you from the web for a fee.
  • AVG (maker of virus and malware prevention software) has a pretty cool free tool called PrivacyFix.   This tool creates a dashboard where you can review all your privacy settings for major sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, etc.  This is a good idea if you cannot delete your social media profiles for work or family reasons.  As you know we show you how to do all these things in our book, but this brings it all into one interface.
  • Remember to read chapters 3 and 9 for more tips on keeping your emails and phone calls safe from prying eyes.  If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, go here:


We’ve been talking a lot about NSA spying lately, but I’d like to hear back from you.  What are you worried about these days?  How can we help you feel more safe and secure in today’s scary world?  What content would you like to see here?


Serving your privacy and security needs,


Chris Peterson

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