Valois KnifeBelt Instructions

Thank you for purchasing the Valois SSD-90 Knife Belt. We know that you’ll love it. You’ll find instructions for adjusting the belt, shortening it, and how to use it below.

How to adjust and buckle the belt:

Take the black metal latch – seen below – that the buckle will hook into.











Pry open the “back” flap with a butter knife (as shown in the arrow below):












Adjust it to the length that you want the buckle to hook into. Then squeeze this “back flap” down to lock it in place.  Then, put the belt on, and stick the hook that is on the back of the belt buckle into the hole in the latch as shown below:












Adjusting the length of the belt:

Once you have the latch adjusted, you may want to trim off the excess length of the nylon belt. To do this, find where you want to cut off the belt (remembering that you can always cut off more, but you can’t add more back on!)

First, cut the belt:









Take the end of the belt that you want to wear:









Take a lighter or match and quickly move the end of the belt through the flame to singe the end of it so that it doesn’t fray. Then you’re done.










To unsheathe the knife with the belt on:

Grab the buckle with your right hand.










With your right hand, pull the knife out of the sheathe, by pulling to your right:










Ready for use!










Also, here are your free downloads as well:

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