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Dear Fellow Survivalist;

We are living in unprecedented times. For the last four years, one political party and those who support it, have consistently declared that the election of the president didn’t happen, have said that he was not their president, have used every legal and dirty trick they could come up with to try and get rid of him and have opposed him in everything he has done. Their co-conspirators in the news media have consistently lied about him, both in the carrying out of his duties and in the recent elections.

As it stands right now, it appears that the election for president has been stolen by this political party. That party’s supporters in the tech sphere broke every rule in the book to support their side in the election. Yet, regardless of what has happened, it also appears that they are going to get away with it. On inauguration day, a new president will take the oath of office and occupy the Oval Office.

The big question right now is how the two run-off senatorial elections in Georgia are going to turn out. If the presidential election is any example, we can expect every rule in the book to be broken, in order to take those two seats away from the Republicans and give the Democrat Party control of both houses of Congress, along with the presidency. This could be extremely dangerous for our rights, as it will give the Democrats the ability to enact any law they desire, without opposition.

What does that mean for us? That’s hard to say. Obviously, the new president is going to try and reverse much of what the outgoing president has done, just as that president reversed many things that were done by the previous administration. But there are other things that are clearly going to be under attack; most notable our Second Amendment rights.

Both Joe Biden and his running mate Kamila Harris have made it clear that they want to severely restrict our right to keep and bear arms. While former president Obama opposed this too and had both houses of Congress on his side for his first two years in office, he was focused on getting Obamacare enacted into law, and so didn’t put the effort into passing much in the way of gun control during his presidency. Mostly he postured and signed a few executive orders with limited ability to restrict our rights.

But things have changed since then and the political climate is more divided than it was even four years ago. Biden has already declared that he intends to put Beto O’Rourke in charge of his administration’s efforts to take away our Second Amendment rights. While the Constitution is clearly in his way, there’s still a lot that can be done legislatively and through regulations to make things worse for gun owners.

With all this happening, I would suggest that we should assume that an effort will be made to take our guns away and we should e ready for it. In order to keep from losing our rights in the next couple of years, there are several things we should consider doing.

Hide Your Guns

Currently, there is no legal gun registration, although there are records of all gun sales. If a crime is committed and a gun is recovered, the police are able to work their way back through the records and find where that gun was sold and who bought it. This method is used to solve many crimes.

This method isn’t perfect though. If you legally sold a gun that you had legally purchased, and that gun was later used in a crime, the police will come knocking on your door, asking you if you owned that gun. Since you legally sold it, that would be a dead-end for them. But it is yet to be seen if it would be considered a dead end if they are trying to round up guns. Besides, most of us own more than one gun.

The best we can do in this case, is to hide any guns we want to be sure the government doesn’t get its hands on. That may mean burying them underground, if you don’t have a better place to hide them.

Have Guns You’re Willing to Turn In

At the same time, if they do get to the point that they are searching homes, a job that sounds very dangerous to me, it would be a good idea to have guns that you are willing to turn over to the police or military, claiming that those are the only guns you own. While you’ll lose those guns, hopefully you’ll be able to keep from losing them all.

Of course, for this to work, it’s got to be believable. If you are known for having a collection of 50 firearms and you try to turn in 2, nobody’s going to buy it. Make it real enough and they might just leave you alone.

Buy Guns with No Record of Your Ownership

It’s getting harder and harder to do so, but if you can manage to buy any firearms privately, without having to give the seller a bill of sale, then that’s to your advantage. Gun dealers can’t sell firearms without records, but it’s still legal to buy them privately, without that. So if you get the opportunity to do so, I’d take advantage of it.

Make an 80% Gun

One way of getting a gun which is off the books is to make a gun from an 80% lower or frame. While the ATF did a raid on Polymer 80 recently, as of today it is still legal to build an 80% gun, with none of the parts having a serial number. That puts them off the books and will keep them off the books if you don’t commit any crimes with them. But be aware, you can’t sell such a firearm.

Stockpile Ammo

You’re probably already doing so, but if you can find any ammo to buy, it would be a good idea to do so. I seriously doubt that ammo is suddenly going to appear on our store shelves and they may try to make it harder to buy. So now’s the time to get it, if you can.

I may just be blowing smoke with all this, but it’s a risk that’s too dangerous to take. Democrats have long been making noise like they are after our guns and it doesn’t seem like they’re going to give up any time soon. As long as they have power, this is one way they intend to use it. So stay safe and keep your guns safe too. That requires a bit more than just keeping your power dry and keeping your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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