Self Reliance Association Charter Membership

Our customers have ONE complaint:
They Want More.
More ways to get off the grid.
More ways to be independent of Big Business and Big Government.
More tools, interviews, tips and tricks.
That’s why I created the…

Self-Reliance Association

Self-Reliance Association
And now you can try the Self-Reliance Association Charter Membership for FREE for 30 days!
Here’s What You Get:
    • A FREE Special Forces Rescue SURVIVAL Knife ($49 Value!) For a limited time New Members of the Exclusive Self Reliance Association will receive this Spring Assist LED Special Force Tactical Rescue Assisted Opening Knife

This knife is standard issue to all Special Forces and Seal Team members. The most elite members of the American military are carrying this same knife RIGHT NOW as they protect us from terrorist threats around the world.And for a limited time you can own it. The knife includes:
Arrow Spring assisted opening for quick deployment
Arrow Serrated and straight blade for cutting through anything
Arrow The weighted handle has a clip for easy carrying and storage
Arrow The small LED light is BRIGHT and means you don’t need to carry a separate flashlight
Arrow The glass breaker on the tip of the handle is handy for survival situations
Arrow The belt cutter means you’ll never be trapped in a wrecked vehicle
This is perfect for survival, rescue, hunting, fishing, or just everyday day use opening those Amazon boxes.
Elite military and fire rescue members the world over carry this exact model for one reason: it’s the tool they use the MOST out of everything they carry on a day to day basis.
But that’s not all you get with the Self Reliance Association:
  • The Survive & Prosper Library:I’ve collected the best informational ebooks in the world on privacy, security, finance, survival, and personal protection. Download these in case you ever have to start over or survive a disaster. Here’s just a sampling of what is in the library as of today (I’m literally adding new ebooks everyday):
  • The Citizens Guide to Ebola 32 pages (retails for $7): How to prepare for the most deadly disease of the last 20 years, and how our own government hasn’t a clue how to deal with this plague!
  • The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage 55 pages (retails for $27): How to store delicious (NOT dried, GMO-ridden survival food) food that you will actually want to eat for decades.
  • The Ultimate Guide to Water Storage 20 pages (retails for $7): How to store the ultimate survival item (WATER!) for any crisis for the long term.
  • The 29 Plants You Need to Survive 109 pages (retails for $27): How to find delicious and medicinal plants anywhere for free, and how to grow them on your own!
  • Container Garden Secrets 20 pages (retails for $7): How to grow anything you want in a small area!
  • Recession Survival 31 pages (retails for $27): How to survive our challenging economic times with simple ways to make and save money.
  • The Citizens Guide to Dangerous Scams (normally $9): We reveal the most dangerous and life-ruining scams in the world – don’t let you or someone you know become a victim!
  • Home Security 27 pages (retails for $9): Lockdown your home with these affordable and easy tips and keep out burglars, looters, and armed invaders
  • Emergency Money 53 pages (retails for $47): Nearly everyone has these simple tools at their disposal to find quick cash in a crisis!
  • One Nation Under Siege 90 minute documentary (rents for $10): See firsthand how our country is being destroyed by Washington and Pentagon fascists!
  • Solar Freedom & Survival Guide (retails for $9): How the power of the sun can slash your power bills and help you survive anything!
  • Wilderness Survival (worth $27): Little known methods for surviving in the back country with the minimum of gear as taught by a former Navy Seal!
  • Organic Gardening Guide (worth $9): Say goodbye to Big Business farming and GMO’s forever with this easy to use gardening guide.


  1. That is $238 worth of Independent Living & Self Reliance ebooks!
  • PLUS: Our Feature Title:
    Legal Ghost Guns
    Legal ghost guns-3D-sm
    This brand new guide will show you step-by-step how to make an ‘off-grid’ unregistered AND 100% LEGAL AR-15 and 1911 Pistol in a matter of days.Normally we sell this book on it’s own for $37, it’s your FREE today with your SRA membership.
  • The DIY Gun Library: You probably realize that our overreaching government is hell bent on seizing your weapons. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you make your own guns if the sh*t really hit the fan? With our DIY Gun Library you can make or even print (with 3d printing technology) your own guns. And we have gun collector’s weapons of choice: Desert Eagle, AR-15, AK-47, Bushmaster, M16 and I’m adding more every day.
  • Our Privacy & Security Alerts: Rob Douglas was a Washington DC private investigator, privacy adviser to banks, and has testified in front of Congress on 9 different occasions on privacy and security issues. He is a true industry insider and has decided he wants to help YOU protect yourself and navigate this increasingly dangerous world. You won’t find this anywhere else. Here’s a sample of what Rob covers:

    Arrow The most common door lock in the world can be hacked in 42 seconds: we show you which one and what you can do about it
    Arrow How your computer can be turned on remotely to spy on you!
    Arrow How and why Rob carries a concealed gun everyday – and the safety rules he follows…
  • More Self Reliance Experts: We have homesteaders, preppers, off-grid folks, and some of the world’s foremost experts on self-reliance. People pay these folks hundreds of dollars an hour for their expertise, yours FREE in the Self-Reliance Association.
  • Exclusive Tools & Offers for Protecting Yourself: Thanks to our ever expanding client list (now 14,547 and growing!) I negotiate the BEST DEALS on survival kits, identity & credit protection, and much much more. You will ONLY see these as a member of the Self-Reliance Association. What you will save is worth at least $47 per month.
  • My BRAND NEW ‘Off Grid Money’ Series: We all know how important it is to protect your money. But what about growing it? What if you could grow your money privately, without government interference, and with FANTASTIC returns. I’ll show you how I have personally amassed a 7 figure fortune, completely legally, without government OR Wall Street meddling. You cannot afford to miss this! This alone is worth at least $97 per month.

    Arrow Watch as I show you how I added $5,438 to my income EVERY MONTH, without using my own money and working only 10 hours per week
    Arrow I’ll show you how I built a SIX FIGURE ‘off grid’ income by doing what I love: helping like minded people become more self-reliant!
  • The Privacy Lockdown Dashboard: This is the easiest way to completely shut down those annoying accounts that you have left open over the years. We show the shortcut to erase your accounts and show you how easy or hard it is do for all the most popular sites on the web. This is how you can truly take your life off the grid in as little as a few minutes!
  • Our Self Reliance Association Mailed Newsletter:
    Every month we’ll take the best posts, news, and how-to’s and mail you a full-color newsletter.  This is not only timely and informative, but perfect for your survival stash since it won’t be dependent on electricity!
  • My Self-Reliance Archives: You’ll get access to all my posts, emails, documents and interviews from past months too!
  • And It’s All Backed By My No Hassle Guarantee: If you’re not happy with the Self-Reliance Association, just let me know and I’ll refund your current month’s membership fee. I want you to be thrilled with this and tell your friends about it, but if you’re not happy let me know right away at [email protected] or 970-367-7624.

With just a minimal investment….
  • Get your Special Forces knife delivered to your door
  • It would take you YEARS to gather all of the resources I will provide in one easy-to-use place
  • How much do you spend a month on phone, internet, and television?
  • Is it worth $20 a month to take your life off the grid and learn my secret money making methods?
  • For less than the price of lunch for two you can protect your family from disasters, scammers, Big Business, Big Government and the NSA

This Offer Might Not Be Here Later, Take Advantage of This Opportunity NOW.

FREE for the first month. Just $19.95 a Month after 30 days for over $200 in value including the knife!

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