Information Equals Security

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Through the years, I’ve dealt with and written about a lot of different aspects of keeping yourself and your family secure. I started studying these areas from my own personal interest, keeping my own family safe and secure. As time has gone on, I’ve written more and more about various aspects of personal and family security. Through it all, I’ve discovered one common ingredient in security. I don’t care if we’re talking about self-defense, home security, preparing to survive a disaster or financial security in the face of a falling economy, you’re always going to be better off, when you have the information you need.

When I talk about information in this regard, I’m actually talking about two distinct things. The first of those is knowing what’s going on around you. People wouldn’t have been jumping out of office windows when the Stock Market crashed on Black Tuesday (October 29,1929), if they had known what was coming on October 28th and sold their stocks before it happened.

From dealing with a mugger, through home invasions, to major disasters, knowing what’s going on around you, and knowing what’s coming makes all the difference in the world. It allows you to prepare, to plan, to act and even to avoid the problem, while everyone else is suffering through it.

Of course, the real trick here is getting that information. Sometimes it seems like we all need a crystal ball, which allows us to see the future. Yet, while everyone else is bemoaning their lack of preparedness, there are always those who are lauded as being more astute than anyone else, because of having taken the necessary action to avoid being “bit” by the problem. “How did they do that?” we all ask. But the answer is simple; they are plugged in to various information sources and came to the right conclusions, based on the information they received.

Here we are, living in the information age, yet it seems that we have less knowledge about what’s going of around us than the generations who preceded us. Why is that? Because so much of the information or “news” being given us has nothing to do with the facts. It’s all about presenting a narrative which will give news companies clicks, because that’s where the money is. It doesn’t serve the viewer; but they just don’t care.

That’s not to say that the right information isn’t out there; it’s just hard to find. If you want to know about hurricanes, don’t go to the news media, go to the National Hurricane Center. They’re the experts, so find out what they have to say about it.

The same sort of information sources exists for just about anything out there, from crime statistics to economic indicators, with the weather somewhere in-between. You’ll have to learn how to interpret the information you get; but at least it will be your interpretation, based on real facts, and not someone’s opinion who really didn’t pay much attention to the facts, just looked for something that backed up the opinion they wanted to share.

There’s a second kind of information that’s necessary as well. That’s the knowledge of what to do with the information you gain from the first type. Knowing that a hurricane is coming isn’t going to do you much good, if you don’t know how to protect your home and your family from that hurricane. Likewise, if you don’t know how to defend yourself, knowing that a mugger is about to attack you won’t do you the least bit of good.

So, we not only need to find good sources of information, telling us what’s going on around us; we also need to find good teaching sources, which will help us to avoid the problems that we see coming toward us. We need to digest those teachings, allowing them to become part of us. That way, when we find or even suspect that some problem is coming to face us, we can plan out a reasonable course of action, which will either help us avoid the problem entirely or mitigate the damage that the problem could possibly cause us.

I have spent much of my life learning about survival; including learning how to defend myself. By no means can I say that I know it all. There’s still plenty more to learn. But what I do know has served me well, helping me to avoid harm, in self-defense situations, in disasters, and in financial crisis.

We could say that information, both types, is the greatest tool we have in protecting ourselves and our families. Yes, it’s important to keep our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand; but it’s even more important to recognize problems that are coming our way and know what to do to protect ourselves and our families.

Dr. Rich

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