I’ll Be Watching You: The Scoop on Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden spy cameras are extremely effective when you want to find out information on someone. Hidden spy cameras have several uses inside the home and office. At home, you can see if the nanny you hired is right for your family and respects your home and children when you are not there. At the office, use hidden spy cameras to catch employees stealing from you or wasting time on your dollar.

A hidden spy camera is nothing more than a camera mounted inside an inconspicuous object. Then the device can be connected to a VCR or DVR and record images that can be played back as needed. Wireless spy cams use a transmitter and receiver to send a signal to your choice of recording device.

As of December 2008, you can get hidden spy cameras that are capable of recording images with an SD card. All you have to do to view the images is take the card out and insert it into a card reader or your computer’s SD slot. These devices are as easy to use as an everyday digital camera.



Many people do not realize that a hidden camera is something that most of us will need at some point in our lives. Everyday there are more and more situations where we need to be in a hundred places at the same time. We want to keep an eye on things at home to find out which child is taking the cookies before dinner or if the babysitter brings a friend. At work, you may need to know who keeps stealing all of the ballpoint pens and Post-It notes from the office supply room.

Everyone in this day and age leads such a busy and hectic life that things go unnoticed until the problems are obvious. You may not know that a car full of thugs have been turning around in your driveway every afternoon at two, until you come home after work one day to find your valuables missing and you home trashed. Realities like this can be avoided by simply installing a hidden camera and accessing the feed from your computer at work.

Hidden spy cameras are helpful to so many people in all walks of life, primarily due to the fact that hidden spy cameras can be disguised as any number of everyday items that no one will ever suspect.

Here are a few situations where a hidden spy camera would come in very handy:

  • Is your child staying past their bedtime or using their computer when on restriction? A great way to find out is to slip a hidden spy camera into their alarm clock and keep an eye on their actions.
  • Do you suspect your employees are leaving early or taking extra breaks? A camera hidden in the EXIT sign above the door may be just the thing you need to catch unproductive employees wasting your time and money.
  • Is your nanny following your rules and taking proper care of your children?
  • Is your spouse alone while you are working the night shift?
  • Did the mail carrier attempt to deliver your package?
  • Is the neighbor’s dog getting in your trash?

Motion activated hidden spy cameras can be placed throughout your home in order for you to find out what is going on when you are away. These cameras work best when hidden in items that would normally be seen around your home such as a wall clock, air freshener, stationary toys, smoke detectors or a cordless phone.

Some baby monitors can be fashioned with a hidden spy camera, allowing you to monitor your home and children with sound. In the following US states you must have a person’s consent to record speech: California, Nevada, Montana, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Maryland, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania.

There are several reasons why you may need to use a hidden spy camera. If you want to use your camera at work, you may need legal permission to ensure no privacy rights are violated. However, you do not need such permission if you only use the camera after hours.

Hidden spy cameras should not be placed in bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms or locker rooms. Use your hidden spy camera responsibly and you are on your way to becoming a super spy who can spy on and find out anything about anyone.



Button Cams

There are several different hidden spy cameras available on the market these days, but one of the most favored is the button cam. The button cam goes everywhere you go and makes a video recording of everything that it sees.

The Sony CCD, which features a wide-angle lens, has a resolution of 400×380 and is great in dim light situations. The wireless version has a 2.4 GHz receive capable of transmitting a signal up to one thousand feet and comes with a rechargeable battery that will provide you with twelve hours of surveillance power.

The hardest part of using a button cam is sewing it onto you shirt. Be sure to use the extra buttons that come with most button cams, so all of the buttons on your shirt will match.


Home Security Cams

Home security cams are the best way to protect your home and family. Simply identify the various locations around your home that you want to monitor such as the front and back entryways, living room or den, bedroom, basement, etc., and then install one of the many hidden spy cameras on the available market to keep an eye on things 24/7.

Most hidden spy cameras for home surveillance have the option to monitor continuously or work in motion-activated mode. You should also choose a home security spy cam that will allow you to monitor you home from anywhere on the planet with the help of a little computer software and advanced technology. The best hidden home surveillance spy cams provide optional night viewing to keep your home and family safe in the darkness.

The best place to begin searching for home surveillance spy cameras and other security equipment is online. Just type “hidden home surveillance” into the search engine of your choice and you are on your way to protecting all you hold dear.


Nanny Cams

More and more parents are choosing to use hidden spy cameras in their homes in order to keep an eye on the person responsible for the care of their children when they cannot be there. Retailers have reported a 20% increase in nanny cam sales in the last five years. Most professional childcare providers are not opposed to being monitored while interacting with your children, they simply request to be made aware.

There are several nanny cams available for purchase on today’s market with prices that vary from as low as $100 as high as $500; being able to view images that give confidence in your child’s caregiver will give you peace of mind knowing that your children are well cared for in your absence. Some models even send these images directly to your office computer or cell phone.

Daycare centers are also opting to install hidden nanny cams that allow parents to check in on their children throughout the day. Parents who use facilities that offer such benefits say that they do not take advantage of the option as much as they should, but just knowing that they can if the want is enough to set their minds at ease.

Nanny cams are available for purchase at most electronic stores. However, if you are interested in a high-end model such as the popular teddy bear disguised products, you will have better luck on the Internet or at a specialty shop.


Remote Control Hidden Spy Cams

There was not a man or boy on the planet that was not excited when the Spy Video ATV-360 became available for less than $200. This item made it to all the wish lists.

Several businesses, researchers and government agencies use hidden spy camera and remote control helicopters and airplanes to obtain aerial photographs and other surveillance operations. It is possible to connect hidden spy cameras to RCs for both entertainment and practicality. Several online videos offer various instruction involving RC hidden spy cams.

If you are on a budget, you can mount a spy camera to your own RC vehicle. If you have a little more to spend, you can purchase a remote control vehicle that comes ready for surveillance. There is a no doubt a RC hidden spy camera would be the perfect addition to your growing spy gadget stockpile.


Eyewear Hidden Spy Cams

One of the most imaginative uses of a hidden spy camera is to put it on a pair of sunglasses. If you have seen the movie Mission: Impossible you will remember the main character played by American actor Tom Cruise sported such a device. Spyglasses feature a hidden camera embedded in them that is capable of capturing an image of anything the wearer sees through them.

Eyewear hidden spy cams make it easy to carry out your secret mission without anyone knowing that you are recording everything you see. Spyglasses are extremely portable and unobtrusive. They work in much the same way as other hidden spy cameras as far as battery life, resolution, etc.

The signals are usually sent to a transmitter or recorder concealed somewhere else on the wearer’s body, perhaps on a belt or in your pocket. The reason for this is that the technology that is available requires the transmitter to be not farther than 18″ from the camera.

Espionage, crime or investigative journalism, no matter what type of spying you plan to do, you will surely benefit from a pair of spyglasses with a hidden spy cam.


Wall Clock Hidden Spy Cams

One of the most important aspects of a hidden spy camera is how well it fits into the surrounding environment, drawing as little attention as possible. A wall clock with a hidden spy cam lets you hide your camera in plain sight.

Wall clocks with hidden spy cams come in a variety of colors from neon blue to black. One model also includes a hygrometer and thermometer that only added to the illusion and concealed the camera perfectly.

Wall clocks that feature hidden spy cameras also add to the decor as well as tell time. Some wall clocks are wireless, while others must be plugged into an outlet. The wireless models are capable of sending signals to the receiver from well over two thousand feet. Most of the hidden spy cameras that are available on the market today are capable of monitoring your subject even on the darkest of nights.



 There is really no big mystery to a hidden spy camera. All you need is a common everyday item, anything smaller than an animal should suffice. The key is to find an item that will not raise suspicion or draw too much attention. If you want to find out if your husband is alone when he comes home for lunch, hide your spy cam in a big red-nosed clown doll duct taped to the head of your bed. All you need is a little common sense to come up with a perfect place to put your camera so no one will ever know they are being watched.

Next, a fixed lens that is mounted to a circuit board called a board camera is inserted into the discreet item of your choice. The hidden spy camera is then connected to a VCR or DVR with a regular RCA cable. Wireless cameras will feature a transmitter that sends a signal to a receiver.

That is all there is to it, just that simple. Either you can assemble your own or you can shop online at the many retailers offering a wide variety of the best hidden spy cams at competitive prices. If you order your spy cam preassembled, all you have to do is connect it and you are set.



You do not have to be tech savvy in order to install a hidden spy camera. Just read the instructions that come with your particular model and you will find installing your hidden camera easier than you ever imagined.

For hidden spy cameras with a wire:

Ÿ  Turn the spy cam on when you connect the power supply to the camera. These wires are generally found on the back of the camera.

Ÿ  Connect the camera to the recording device of your choice, ensuring that the device is connected to a TV or monitor. Then you should be able to use the remote control to find the camera signal, usually by pressing “Input”, “Input Select” or “AUX”.

For wireless hidden spy cameras:

Ÿ  The camera/transmitter will power on when you plug the “house” power cord into a wall outlet. The camera does not require any other connections because it is powered internally.

Ÿ  Adjust the video input on your recording device just as you would with a wired camera.

Ÿ  Connect your receiver to a 12V power supply, usually a black box that has a white arrow on the side of it. Turn on the power switch. You will know you have done everything correctly when you see the LED indicator light.

Ÿ  Connect the receiver to your recording device and you should be able to view images from up to 1000 feet in the distance.

That is all there is to setting up a hidden spy camera. Most people choose to mount multiple cameras. Be sure to do your research online to find the hidden cam that is best for you.



Hidden spy cameras can be embedded into several different everyday items that will not draw unwanted attention to your surveillance operation. Spy cams can be concealed in cigarette packs, clocks, radios, plants, etc. If you chose, you can buy a spy cam and put it in an object you already have, drawing even less attention.

Hidden spy cameras can be set up and left unattended to accurately record events in your absence. Spy cams are one of the most popular spy gadgets and are available for purchase at a variety of retail stores.

Hidden spy cams can also be placed in cars to assist real time GPS tracking devices in pursing a subject. In the next chapter, you will learn how you can benefit from vehicle tracking, so let us keep going.

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