How to Win an Argument with a Liberal

DiscussionHave you ever gotten stuck in an argument with a liberal? I know I have. There are a bunch of them in my family and it seems like they just love to seek me out so that they can prove how superior they are. Sadly, most of them don’t really think for themselves, but instead just blabber on about the liberal talking points, calling anyone who doesn’t agree with them by whatever name pops to mind.

I wouldn’t mind talking to them, if they would have an intelligent conversation. But quoting Bill Nye on global warming doesn’t come across as intelligent conversation. C’mon, now, Bill Nye? He was a failed engineer who is nothing more than a comedian. That’s not exactly a great reference.

You’ve probably done like me and tried to use facts and statistics to back up your arguments. But as we have all learned, liberals aren’t interested in facts and statistics. They are sure that they are right and no fact or statistic is going to change their minds. In fact, it seems like the more facts and statistics you throw at them, the more they retreat into the comfort of their talking points, basing their arguments on emotion and not fact.

This makes it basically impossible to truly win an argument with a liberal. They’ll spout off about how all corporations are evil and then when you show an example of the good corporations do, they’ll dismiss it. Any argument you can give, which they have to agree with, will always be an exception. But there is something you can do. That’s to make them prove their point. You see… they can’t do it.

Dr. Thomas Sowell came up with this formula and it’s absolutely brilliant. He came up with three questions to ask liberals, when they start mouthing off about any of their ideological positions. These questions are:

  • Compared to what?
  • At what cost?
  • What hard evidence do you have?

If we asked these questions more often, we might actually be able to make liberals think about their beliefs. When they say that taking guns away will reduce crime, ask them “What hard evidence do you have?” When they talk about something like universal health care, as they “At what cost?” When they say something is unfair, as them “Compared to what?”

You see, they can’t answer those questions. Liberal arguments are based upon emotion, not fact. When Senator Fienstein was asked about the Second Amendment, she answered, “I think I know what’s best for this country.” That wasn’t facts; that wasn’t the law; that was emotion. She is afraid of guns, so she is determined to see them banished from existence. It doesn’t matter one lick to her that that’s an impossibility. Nor does it matter that doing so would leave guns only in the hands of criminals. As far as she’s concerned, any gun owner is a criminal.

Those questions are based on reality and on trying to fit the liberal ideas into that reality. If it fits in with reality, then fine, let’s go ahead and do it. But you don’t make reality in Washington. You can’t legislate it or regulate it into existence. Reality is created by ordinary people doing ordinary things. Whatever lawmakers in Washington do, has to fit into that reality in one way or another.

Can we give universal health coverage to all? Yes we can. But can we afford it? That’s another question all together. For that matter, does the healthcare industry have enough capacity to give it to all?

Then there are the hidden costs in implementing liberal ideology. The IRS redefined “full-time” work to mean 30 hours per week, due to Obamacare. So, a lot of people who were making marginal wages to start with, lost a third of their income. That was a direct result of Obamacare, but you can’t find a single liberal who will admit it. Their response? Raise the minimum wage. Punish the corporations who don’t want to pay. Put them out of business… as if that’s going to help anything.

Of course, the liberals are not easily dissuaded from their ideology. We see this time and time again in their response to things not going their way. When that happens, rather than admit there was anything wrong with their plan, their response is to say that they obviously didn’t do enough of it. So, they double down and do even more of what didn’t work.

Thomas Edison put it this way… “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” So, you see, the problem isn’t in arguing with them, but in realizing that they are insane. Therefore, you’ll never really win the argument. The best you can hope for is to shut them up and those three questions are your best shot at doing just that.

So, until we meet again, try and avoid the liberals, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close to hand.

– Dr. Rich


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