How Secure is Your Communications Security?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

It looks like Donald Trump has managed once more to do what he does so well, creating a media firestorm with his tweets. Whether his tweet about Obama’s administration wiretapping his phones in Trump tower was an intentional attack on the former president for wrongdoing or whether it was retaliation at liberals for their constant beating of the drum of his supposed Russian connections, that story is growing legs. Not only that, but more and more evidence seems to be cropping up, showing that what he tweeted really happened.

There’s still a lot to uncover on this story, but t least at this point it looks like the wiretap actually happened, it was done by the Obama administration, and there’s a strong likelihood that Obama himself was aware of it. Even Obama’s carefully crafted denial doesn’t cover him being aware of it, it merely says that he didn’t order it.

Of course, the issue of whether the wiretap was legal or not will probably take months to determine. According to Judge Napolitano, there may be a pretty good case for it being legal. But then, that would assume that they only did what the warrant that the FBI had allowed; had they done more, especially for political reasons, it would apparently be illegal.

The timing here is interesting, with this story breaking at the same time that Wikileaks made their latest data dump; this time, exposing a whole lot of information about CIA spying on American citizens, here in the United States. That’s illegal, but it appears they did it anyway.

This all brings back memories of Edward Snowden and his revelations about the NSA spying on American citizens; once again, something that the law forbids. But apparently it’s happening, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. Even if Trump were to sign an executive order, telling the intelligence community to stop, there seem to be a lot of Obama plants in the intelligence organizations, who aren’t working for the new president.

There were many of us who were concerned about government spying during Obama’s presidency. Much of that concern was fueled by our mistrust of Obama himself. But a lot of that concern seems to have gone by the wayside since Trump took office. Why is that so?

Even if you trust Trump, that doesn’t mean you should trust the rest of the government. There are clearly many people working in the federal bureaucracy, who are more loyal to Obama, than to the country. Some have referred to them as the “Deep State” or the Shadow Government.” These people have their own agenda, and it’s not one for our benefit.

Government spying has become more and more pervasive through the years. Today, every bit of electronic communications in the world is intercepted, analyzed and stored in the massive drives of the NSA. Government analysts can look into your life, finding all your secrets and exposing everything you’ve ever done. It may not be Orwell’s 1984, but it’s sure getting close.

Modern communications makes this extremely easy. Between e-mail, text messages, cell phones and a wide variety of apps which allow us to communicate with each other, few people bother writing a letter anymore. Each and every one of those communications, from the serious to the ridiculous is tested, checked to find if there is anything threatening to the country.

While the purpose of all this is ostentatiously to catch terrorists, we don’t know how else it might be used. Perhaps we are safe from government goons picking us up today, but that doesn’t mean we will always be. As our government becomes more and more controlling, the risk of our communications being used against us increases.

Many preppers practice OPSEC (operational security), but few bother with COMSEC (communications security). Yet both are needed. OPSEC might keep the neighbors from knowing about our preps, but it is COMSEC that keeps the government from knowing. Of the two, the government is infinitely more powerful and ultimately more dangerous.

So, what can we do? Simple, reduce our electronic communications. Go back to talking, face to face, rather than texting, sending an e-mail or calling. If you have to send a communication to someone far away, go back to good old letters. It will still get there and nobody will be reading it in-between.

Remember that they can always track you through your cell phone. That’s why disposable phones are so good for a bug out. While they may still be able to track the phone, they won’t know who they’re tracking. If you have to take your cell with you, take the battery out. There are apps which will make the phone look like it’s off, even when it’s recording everything you say. But they won’t work without a battery in the phone.

Finally, keep your computer disconnected when you don’t need it online. I have two computers on my desk. One is just for the internet, and the other is the one I work on. While I do this to keep my work computer from bogging down due to the internet, it also provides me with an added measure of security. Nobody is going to break into my computer, simply because they can’t.

With a government like ours, who is spying on free, law-abiding citizens, who can feel safe? All the more reason to keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

-Dr. Rich

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