home defense for dummies

Even concealed carry firearms experts get this wrong…
You see, when most people think of “concealed carry” of their handgun, they see it as a “street defense” tactic.

You strap your firearm on before heading out the door.

You unstrap it when coming back home.

Often times that handgun goes into a drawer near the front door for easy access when answering the door.

And You’re Wide Open For A Home Invasion Attack!

Here’s Why…

As we reveal in our “Home Defense Tactics” program, violent home invasions can easily catch you off guard.

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An intruder (or intruders!) almost always have the advantage of the element of surprise.

When they approach your house, they already know their plan of attack.

As they storm into your house, you still have to recognize the attack and spring into action.

Most of the time, this is an impossible, super-human feat.

When you’re in your kitchen and your handgun is in a drawer near the front door, it does you no good.

When you’re taking a shower and your firearm is next to your bed, it does you no good.

Even when you answer the door and your firearm is 3 feet away in that drawer… it does you no good when you’re thrown back 15 feet as your home invaders push past you in an explosion of fury!

Bottom Line Is This…

If you’re going to carry…carry! http://HomeDefenseTactics.com

You never know when an attack is going to come and the only way for your firearm to do its job is for you to be able to access it at any given moment.

So when you get out of bed, that’s a good time to strap your trusty firearm to your tighty-whities.

Sitting down watching reruns of The Simpsons? use a holster that won’t impede your reach for that bag of chips.

Have an after-shower bathrobe with a pocket? Use it to hide your favorite scumbag removal tool!

Chris, Privacy, Survivalist and Self Reliance Expert

PS:You may consider this “paranoid”.

But the way I feel, for concealed carry citizens, your firearm becomes an extension of your total safety program for protecting yourself and those you love.

Being prepared shouldn’t have gaps.

You should be prepared all the time: mentally…physically…tactically.

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