Hiding Your Guns

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Although they will rarely admit it, Democrat lawmakers want to do away with the Second Amendment and disarm the American public. This is made clear by looking at the types of “common sense” gun laws they want to enact. No matter what sort of gun is used in a crime, they talk about getting rid of “assault rifles” (the AR-15 and all its variants), “automatics” (which means semi-automatics) and “high capacity magazines” (normal capacity magazines which hold more than 10 rounds).

But this is nothing new. All socialist, Marxist and communist regimes have disarmed their population, so as to be able to control them. This is an essential part of their globalist socialist agenda. We see it coming from the United Nations, as well as other globalist groups.

So far, Republican lawmakers have managed to protect our Second Amendment rights; but they are under constant pressure to cave in. The left keeps chipping away, trying to find measures which will pass, that will erode our right to defend ourselves. There is always a risk that they will succeed and we will find ourselves faced with the possibility that it will be illegal to own the guns we now own.

Don’t take this lightly, as Democrats have no intention of quitting this fight. According to them, they will continue trying to chip away at the Second Amendment, until they eliminate it. If they ever get a majority in both houses of Congress again, I imagine this will be high on their list of priorities.

Should they ever succeed in doing away with the Second Amendment or changing its meaning, you and I will be left with three choices:

  • Go along like good little sheeple and turn in our guns
  • Go out in a blaze of glory, trying to start the second civil war
  • Find a way to hide our guns, so that we can claim that we don’t have any

That third option may not be as far-fetched as it seems. Granted, if you have a collection of legally-purchased firearms that you’ve been building for years, you probably wouldn’t come across as being real believable if you tried to say that you didn’t have any. But you could probably get away with turning in a few and hiding the rest, saying that you had sold them years before.

The law still allows for private sales of firearms, without paperwork. So you may want to consider buying one or two firearms privately, while you can. The only other way you can get an “off the books” firearm legally is to build it yourself, such as building one from a 80% lower, which I’ve talked about before.

So, if you’re going to do that, where do you hide those guns? Obviously, your gun safe is a little too obvious. Likewise, much of the furniture which is made with hidden gun compartments is too obvious as well. If you and I know about them, we can be sure that anyone who is sent out to search our homes is going to know about them as well.

Nevertheless, there are places where you can hide your guns effectively, making it hard for the police to find them. Granted, a determined enough search can find anything; but if you turn in some and say that you’ve sold the rest, you can hopefully get out of that determined search.

Inside the Walls

Probably one of the safest places to hide guns is inside the walls of your house. This requires removing a section of the existing wallboard and then replacing it. The trick is making it look like nothing has happened. So to do this effectively, you’re going to need to be able to refinish the wall, so that it matches the rest of the room perfectly. Your guns won’t be very accessible, but they will be well hidden.

In the Ground

If there’s anything that could beat out hiding your guns inside the walls, it’s burying them in the ground. This can be done in either five-gallon plastic buckets or PVC pipe, depending on the size of the guns you are trying to hide. For an added level of difficulty, bury them so that the top of the container is more than a foot below the surface, with some coins about six inches below the surface. That way, if anyone looks with a metal detector, they’ll find the coins and give up.

Fake Ductwork

Few people understand the ductwork in a home. So you could very easily add some additional ductwork in your attic, attaching it to the existing ducts. As long as you make it look like the original ducts, nobody will be the wiser. They’ll look right at it and not realize what they are seeing.

Fake Plumbing

Just like the ductwork, you can put fake plumbing pipes in your basement. You typically have one, four inch diameter drain pipe, coming down from the toilets and exiting through the floor. But if you have two of those pipes, nobody is going to know the difference. Just make sure that you fake the ends, so that it looks like the other one.

Inside Appliances

Large appliances have a fair amount of empty space inside them, especially washers and dryers. A gun or two could easily be hidden inside, either wrapped up or attached to the inside of the case with strong magnets.

In Plain Site

Pretty much everyone has boxes of miscellaneous stuff, somewhere in the house; usually in the attic or the basement. You can hide a gun in the bottom of a box of baby clothes or old pictures and nobody would be the wiser.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities, if you use your imagination. The problem with any of these, is that your guns won’t be readily available to you. But neither will they be readily available to anyone else who happens to be looking for them.

Granted, you don’t need to do this now. But it wouldn’t be a bad idea to build your gun hideaway now, so that when and if the time comes, you’ll be ready. In the mean time, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Chris and Dr. Rich

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