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Our government just can’t keep it’s dirty fingers out of our business.

Obama and his Washington Liberal cronies want to make sure they know exactly what kind and how many guns you have at all times. And they want to ban anything they don’t think you should ‘need.’

With the recent South Carolina massacre and various school shootings, the Feds are going to tighten gun control – it’s not a matter of IF but WHEN.

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]And what do you think Queen Hillary will do when she gets in office?[/headline_arial_large_centered]

Fortunately there is an easy way to protect yourself and your family in this increasingly dangerous world. You can do it with LEGAL firearms that you build yourself starting today. And, I’ll show you how they will be unregistered, so the authorities cannot take them from you as they will not know they exist!

I’m going to show you how to do just that with:

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Legal Ghost Guns: How to Make Your Own Unregistered
1911 Pistol and AR-15 Rifle



Did you know:

  • You can purchase a legal, unregistered AR-15 assault rifle or 1911 pistol that is 80% complete, and is not registered (with no serial number) from the manufacturer
  • With my simple instructions, you can then complete the build to create fully-functional, legal, unregistered guns

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Is It Legal?[/headline_arial_large_centered]



According to ATF regulations, a receiver or frame that is more than 80% complete must have the serial number attached. One that is 80% complete or less is not yet considered a gun, but an incomplete part.

Therefore your ghost guns will have NO registration but will be completely legal! But you need the step-by-step plans to complete your ghost gun…

Our guide does just that, here’s what you’ll learn:

  • All the tools necessary for the job on page 8 (this is stuff any self-reliant American already has!)
  • The simple shortcuts that make your gun project 20X easier (the only other way to get this knowledge is trial and error, luckily I’ve done the trial and error for you!)
  • Where to get your ghost gun parts (it’s much easier than you think – I’ll tell you exactly where)
  • The exact type of 80% complete weapon you need to look for (get the wrong one and you’ll have the ATF at your doorstep!)
  • Which material to get your 80% gun in to ensure easy assembly
  • Complete templates for completing your weapon of choice (these weapons are not complicated, you just the right plans!)
  • The three easy steps for completing the AR-15 rifle and the 1911 pistol
  • How to make your AR-15 and 1911 pistol look professionally built (your friends at the range are really going to be jealous of how great your gun looks!)
  • The secret step that nearly every other DIY gun guide leaves out…
  • PLUS Step by step photos of the guns that I actually made myself!

This is not some philosophical guide on how to build guns, this is a complete instruction manual.

And it’s been blessed by the NRA Business Alliance:

[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Plus, I’m giving a FREE BONUS today only: The DIY Gun Library![/headline_arial_large_centered]

Get in on this before it’s banned!

The DIY Gun Library (A $37 value!):

Fact: our overreaching, out-of-control government is hell bent on seizing your weapons.

Now they want to ban these 3D gun plans too?

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you make your own arsenal if the sh*t really hit the fan? With our DIY Gun Library you can make or even print (with 3d printing technology) your own guns.

And we have gun collector’s weapons of choice:

  • Desert Eagle
  • AK-47
  • Bushmaster
  • M16
  • Dozens more
  • PLUS I’m adding more every day!
  • Complete schematics of each gun are included


[headline_arial_large_centered color=”#323299″]Before long the government will ban our right to even SPEAK about guns.[/headline_arial_large_centered]

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American All-Natural Superfood Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with ANYTHING on the DIY Guns Library OR the Legal Ghost Guns Ebook just email me at and I’ll return your money right away.   No Questions Asked!


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You’ll get the complete gun plans and instruction as well as the DIY Gun Library.
Chris Peterson

Chris Peterson

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