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When a society is duped into believing that something inherently without value is in fact totally valuable, an inevitable correction must occur.


And we’re about to realize the full implications of that correction in the near future.


Borne out of the desire to consolidate and hold power permanently, the Federal Reserve has, for nigh on a hundred years, sought to convince the American people that it exists to protect them, to shield them from the “dangers” of market fluctuations.


Instead, what it has done is to set the stage for the largest market fluctuation of all time, an impeding crash of such massive scale that it will permanently alter the trajectory of America and wound the global economy irreparably.


The mechanism the Fed is using to accomplish this task is simple – fiat currency.


Reach into your wallet – pull out that familiar green piece of paper. Guess how much it’s worth. Would you believe me if I told you that it’s worth absolutely nothing?


To understand how this is possible, one must understand the mechanics of fiat currency. Namely, currency that isn’t tied to anything of value.


Currently, our dollar isn’t redeemable for anything -not gold, not silver, not rhodium nor palladium. The only thing it’s redeemable for is, well, more dollars. And because of the fact that the currency isn’t tied to a precious metal, and therefore a pure fiat currency, the Federal Reserve is at liberty to print as many dollars as it pleases.


And it’s by printing like madmen that the Fed steals from us.


By continuing to print money, they devalue what we hold in our pockets, and like an insidious, hidden form of taxation that we can never escape, our dollar is worth less and less every year.


Think about that new car you could’ve bought in 1965, worth $3500 brand new off the showroom floor. Now, think about that plain, no frills econobox you can buy today for $35,000. Do you really think it takes a hundred times more material, or a hundred times more labor to build that car? In fact, it probably takes less time to build that new car today than it did in 1965. It’s not that things cost more; it’s that your dollar is worth less!


My close friend Frank Mitchell is the author of this incredible article and has spent the last 20 years of his life studying societal elements such as these and has prepared a free report that will give you the tools and knowledge to protect your family when the inevitable economic collapse occurs, which it will.


Watch Frank’s report right now and keep your family safe during these uncertain times.

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PS: Go here and watch it right now…

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