Food for Patriots PP2 – FEMA caught hoarding?


You’re not going to believe what just happened to a friend of mine…

We all know that Obama and Big Government have been up to some seriously shady stuff (IRS scandal, NSA cover-up, etc), but this one really takes the cake…

My buddy Frank Bates has been working on putting together some pretty incredible survival food packages at prices that any patriot can afford, and I guess FEMA must have got wind of what he was doing, because FEMA just contacted his supplier and attempted to buy up his ENTIRE stockpile.

FEMA’s been caught red-handed hoarding survival food!

Check out the shocking proof at the 3-minute mark of this controversial new video… watch it before they make him take it down for good.

Don’t worry, Frank has already reassured me that he’s going to keep his food out of FEMA’s hands no matter what… even though he could probably make a fortune by “selling out” to the government at marked-up prices.

But Frank has asked me to spread the word that if you are interested in claiming your personal survival food package… the “stockpilers’ dream” with a 25-year shelf life called by some folks “the #1 item to hoard”… you need to act fast.

Frank wants to get his survival food into the hands of people like you and me as quickly as possible, before the government finds a way to lock it up in a secret warehouse somewhere.

Why do you need your own survival food stockpile? Because when the “you know what” hits the fan and all the freeloaders are marching in streets cleaning out every grocery store like a swarm of locusts, you don’t want to be in the same boat as the brainwashed masses and herded into FEMA camps.

If you get your food stockpile now, imagine how much better you’ll feel immediately knowing that if a crisis hits, you will calmly reassure your family that they’re safe and they will have plenty to eat.

I strongly recommend you check out Frank’s new video right now and get your own food stockpile immediately. FEMA probably hates his video and will do anything to take it down, so it might be taken offline at any moment.

Chris Peterson, Survival/Privacy Advocate

P.S. Frank’s story has gone viral on Facebook, and just did a report on it confirming that “FEMA is contacting storable food suppliers requesting immediate delivery of food reserves within a 24 hour period, increasing suspicions that the federal government is accelerating its preparations for social disorder or an environmental calamity.” Click here to get your food stockpile before they’re gone.

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