Finding Fellow Preppers

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

There’s a conflict in our thinking within the prepping and survival community and it’s one that has always bothered me. On one hand, OPSEC (operational security) states that we shouldn’t let people know what we are doing, but rather keep it a secret. This makes sense, because those who know what we are doing could very well show up on our doorstep during a crisis. But on the other hand, it’s commonly agreed that we need to form a survival team, as it’s considerably easier to survive together, than to try and be a lone wolf survivalist.

Should a major disaster occur, you’re going to need to be working with others to survive. That’s not just to share resources and knowledge, but also for mutual defense. The stronger your team is, the less likely you are to come under attack, and if you do come under attack, there will be more of you to fight, defending yourselves.

So how do we do both at the same time? More specifically, how do we meet other like-minded preppers or survivalists, with whom we might be able to share information and form a team?

Because I write about survival, a fair number of my friends know that I’m a survivalist. There response is usually to say something like, “I know where I’m going to go if things go bad.” That’s not the type of response you want. For that matter, it’s not the type that I want either. What I end up doing in those cases is start working on them, converting them to my way of thinking. But they don’t all accept it.

In the case of a major disaster, I imagine I’ll see a lot of those people, so I try to be ready for that. I have lots of rice and beans I can share. But I prefer helping them become self-sufficient, rather than expecting to be dependent on me. There’s no way that any of us can afford to feed our whole community, and once you start, they’ll come back for more.

So unless you have someone in particular, who you think would be a good candidate to be a prepper, I don’t recommend trying to tell all your friends what you are doing. That could end up being a problem for you, when the brown stuff hits the rotary air movement device.

But that still leaves us with the problem of finding people who we can form relationships with, with the goal of forming a survival team. Where can we find them?

  • The shooting range – If you have a range that’s hang-out friendly, start hanging out. That will give you a chance to meet others and talk casually. If they’re interested in survival, it will probably come out in the conversation.
  • Sporting goods stores – Like the shooting range, this is a popular place for survivalists to visit. I’ve met a number of people in one sporting goods store or another, looking over camping and backpacking equipment.
  • Gun stores – Anyone who is stocking up on ammo is likely to be thinking survival. Hunters don’t buy that much. So keep your eyes open when you’re at the gun store.
  • Anywhere that sells packaged survival food – Did you know that Sam’s Club sells buckets of survival food? Just hang out nearby and look to see who stops to check it out. They would be good people to strike up a conversation with.
  • Church – Yes, there are a lot of survival types in the church. Most of us are conservatives, after all, and Christians tend to be conservatives too. Get to know people and ask them about their interests. If they’re interested in survival, they’ll eventually start talking about something related to it.
  • Social media – If you follow survival groups, news sites or businesses on social media, start paying attention to who is posting comments. If they say anything about being in your area, or their profile does, you can contact them directly.
  • Online survival forums – On some of these, members post their information for the purpose of connecting with others in their area. Just be careful and meet somewhere away from home the first time, so that you can check them out.
  • If there is a survival school in your area, it can be a great point of contact. Take a class or seminar from them and meet others.

No matter what you do, you want to be cautious as you feel them out. I’ve never experienced it, but I suppose some people could pretend to be preppers, just to find out who is. That could be their personal survival plan. I doubt there are many like that, but nevertheless, proceed with caution.

In the mean time, like always, keep your powder dry and your survival equipment close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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