EMP for PP – This weapon makes Hiroshima look like child’s play…

Let me ask you a question…


What if there was a weapon that could render the United States virtually helpless–in an instant?


And what if this weapon could render every electrical device completely useless (leaving you–quite literally–IN THE DARK)?


And what if our biggest threats had access to this weapon, including China, North Korea, Iran, Pakistan, Russia and possibly even al Qaeda?


I know, I know..it sounds like a Tom Clancy novel or the newest Jason Bourne movie. But here’s the scariest part…




Right now. As we speak.


Watch this video immediately to find out what it is…


>> Special EMP Video Report <<


In a single heartbeat, this terrifying weapon can obliterate more than 280 million Americans…


But not right away, like in a nuclear shockwave. We’re talking a slow, painful death with tens of millions (including family and friends) suffering all around you.


It’s a nightmare of hellish proportions…the kind of thing you hope to never happen in your lifetime–or anyone else’s.


And yet, at this very moment, radical leaders all over the world have their fingers virtually poised on the button, ready to make this apocalyptic disaster a reality with just one click.


Are you prepared?

Do you know how to protect your family?

And most importantly, can you SURVIVE?

This video reveals all the answers…


>> Special EMP Video Report <<


See you inside…


Sincerely,  Chris Peterson



P.S. Perhaps the most shocking part is, the government has been aware of this threat since 2001–yet has done nothing to stop it…


But amazingly enough, you can help protect yourself and your loved ones with a brain-dead simple contraption you can put together in just a few minutes.


And the best part? It’s easier than you think.  I’ll give you all the details here…

>> Special EMP Video Report <<

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