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From the Desk of Dr. Ralph LaGuardia, MD:

Hello fellow Patriot and Prepper:

If you’re anything like me, you value preparedness and self-reliance.

While your friends are pretending that bad things are never going to happen to them, you’re determined to be ready for anything.

And I’m willing to bet that you’d love to take your life and health into your own hands and say goodbye to the expensive, and often-deadly, pharmaceuticals that Big Pharma have been shoveling down our throats for decades.

Of course you’ll be forced to take your health into your own hands if the SHTF.

I’d like you show you how you can do just that with my brand new book: The Doomsday Book of Medicine.

This book is so controversial FEMA wrote a letter to my publisher telling them to bury it.

But I am determined to get this into the hands of millions of Americans.

Using my 34 years of clinical experience, where I’ve treated and cured thousands of patients using all-natural methods.

And now I’ve gathered all that experience and knowledge into one easy-to-use healthy guide.

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn in my ground-breaking book:

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  • The natural mineral that will keep you off your expensive and dangerous diabetes prescriptions. Many report having an easier time keeping healthy blood sugar levels when using it. Page 698*
  • How to “infection-proof” your body. These health secrets will make your body resistant to almost any infection.  This is critical since infection will be the number one killer in a crisis.  Page 33
  • How to maximize the effects of your vitamins and supplements. 99% of users make this mistake and miss out on all the benefits of their supplements. Page 124
  • The common yard weed you can use to bandage wounds and keep them infection free. Page 442
  • Millions died during the Spanish Flu of 1918 but Native Americans were mysteriously immune. One incredibly strong antiviral plant was the secret. Find it on Page 789[/red_arrow_list]


And those are just some of the useful tips you’ll find inside this book. You’ll also get…

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  • Safe, natural ways to treat nearly every disease, injury and condition – without prescription medications and their side effects.*
  • How to grow the most nutritious foods without dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Page 95
  • How eating the right foods can actually change how your genes function, from disease creating to disease protecting. Page 121
  • The vitamin you already have in your cabinet you can take to prevent the flu that is 8x more powerful than the flu vaccine – if you do it right. Page 414
  • The dirty secret to vibrant, long-lasting life that is right below your feet. Page 95
  • The soothing amino acid that can help lower your anxiety and depression as well as eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol – which you won’t be able to find in a crisis either! Page 678
  • An antioxidant that is 6,000x more powerful than Vitamin C. Page 49
  • A weed that is the perfect food and can also make biofuel to power your car. Page 145
  • The cooking waste you’re probably throwing away that is the secret to joint and bone health.  Page 592
  • The seed that protects your brain from radiation damage. Page 149T
  • How to get rid of your migraine with an item that is probably already in your refrigerator. Page 206
  • The natural way to raise strong, sane and healthy children without ADHD or the need for Ritalin and other mind-altering drugs. Page 15
  • The common weed that is stronger than Zyrtec for battling allergies but won’t make you sleepy. Page 648
  • The perfect health drink that comes from deep ocean waters.  Page 111
  • A common kitchen item that will help control your diabetes. Page 158
  • A fruit that will help your chronic gastritis and acid reflux. Page 524
  • A cleaning product that will control your arthritis and make your bones rock hard. Page 83[/green_tick_1_list]

This incredible life-manual also teaches you how to make your own supplies like: soap, insecticide, sun block, wound care products, toothpaste, and essential oils.[/features_box_grey]

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Broken Into 3 Clearly Labelled Sections So You Can Access Exactly What You Need In A Few Quick Flips


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In the first part of The Doomsday Book of Medicine you’ll get everything you need to know to grow your own nutritious food.

You’ll know how to find good soil and how that in turn leads to healthy plants that will nourish you and your family. You’ll also get a guide about vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and trace elements and why they are so essential to maintaining good health.

Keeping yourself robustly healthy and impervious to infections and chronic diseases is paramount to survival.


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In the second part, you’ll learn how to use over-the-counter items such as vinegar, honey, DMSO, Epsom salts, and others to treat many medical conditions that may arise.

These all have multiple uses and are fully described in the text. What’s more is they are all very inexpensive and can be stockpiled for future use for little money.


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This section covers the many types of medical problems both acute and chronic that could possibly happen to you and your family.

You’ll get all of Dr. Ralph’s experience in how to treat them with alternative and nutritional remedies without using any pharmaceuticals.

There’s also multiple treatments for every condition, recognizing the fact that you might not be able to obtain many of the items in a post-collapse scenario.


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Here’s What My Customers Say


[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”SO MUCH BETTER!

I bought a few other survival medical guides.  They were about 80 pages of really obvious things like ‘store bandages and medicine’.  I was really disappointed.  

This book is so much better you can’t even really compare it to the others.  It’s actual medical cures, not just things you can find on WebMD.  I’m so glad I found this, it alleviated so much fear I had about surviving an attack.  Thanks guys, “*

  • Martin Schulenberg


[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]The Doomsday Book of Medicine has something for everyone!

It is a go-to-now book for those emergent times when you are not near a hospital or do not have medical personnel handy. Dr. Ralph clearly teaches step by step what to do when bit by animals, insects, snakes…etc.

He identifies and explains what to do in those urgent care times such as fevers, head traumas, UTI’s, burns, dehydration, diarrhea, wound care, broken bones, diabetes.

As a Home Care Nurse and a mother, I truly appreciate the labor of love that Dr. Ralph has put into this survival guide…“*

  • Sharon Campbell



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Plus I’ll Include These Free Digital Downloads


Free Gift #1: The Tiberian Growdome

Tiberian Growdome 3DGrow non-GMO, mouth wateringly delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables with this secret growing device pioneered in Biblical Times.

Extend your growing season by up to 50% in nearly any climate and shake off the shackles of Monsanto with this easy-to-follow guide.

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Free Gift #2: The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage

Food 3D book coverDiscover the easy way to store delicious and nutritious food for up to 30 years with this guide.

Written with the help of a 90-year-old Great-Grandmother that has been canning and storing food long-term for 60 years.

This is imperative is you think that your survival food will keep you healthy for long term survival (hint: it won’t)!

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Free Gift #3: The Ultimate Guide to Water Storage

Water 3D book cover -1All the food and medicine in the world is worthless if you don’t have clean, drinkable water.

This easy to follow guide will show you how to find, treat, and store water for the long-term.

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Free Gift #4: Your Free Crisis Tips & Alerts

Survival, preparedness, and self-reliance is our business at the Self-Reliance Assocation.  We eat, sleep, and breath this stuff.

So we’ll keep you up-to-the-minute on the latests happenings that you need to be prepared for.

And we’ll help you get prepared with the latest gear reviews, tactics, and strategies to keep you and your family safe.

Plus we’ll show you how to live a more self-sufficient life with the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s free for life, no ongoing charges.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”This book changed my life…

Guys, I admit it.  I was skeptical.  

I’ve seen numerous offers for supposedly life-changing books in the past.  They always disappointed.  But Dr. LaGuardia’s background as an integrated medicine practitioner intrigued me, so I decided to give it a shot.

Before I bought I was battling chronic fatigue, diabetes, and a lot of pain.  I felt sick and nearly dead to be honest.

That was 6 months ago.  My life hasn’t been the same since.  I started taking Quinton seawater as the doctor recommends.  It boosted my immune system, I haven’t been sick since I took it and I was nearly constantly sick before.  I’ve used several other recommendations with great results.

My blood sugar levels are stabilized.  My energy level is way better.  I started growing vegetables the way the doctor recommends and have a really nice little garden that is giving me wonderful food and the mild exercise my doctor recommends.

I have to tell you, and this is from someone that thinks a lot of things on the internet are pure BS, I passed this along to all my friends and family.  This is legitimate and I’m very happy to recommend it.

Thank you Dr. LaGuardia and everyone else, you have a fan for life”*

  • Bob Murphy


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We’re So Confident You’ll Love
‘The Doomsday Book of Medicine’
We’ll Guarantee It For 365 Days


Most products you buy these days give you 30 or 60 days to decide if you like it.

That’s not nearly long enough to decide if the material is really worthy of you hard-earned dollars – especially for survival information that you might not use for weeks or months.

So we’re guaranteeing your purchase for a full year.

Take your time with the Doomsday Book of Medicine, and see if these age-old cures transform your health the way they have for thousands of other folks just like you.

If it doesn’t, or you’re not satisfied with your purchase in any way, just email our Customer Service Queen Barbara at and she’ll take care of a full refund for you.

No questions, no hassles.

That’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you won’t find it on any of those other ‘survival medical’ guides.


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Get Your Doomsday Book of Medicine
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YES!  Please send me the entire instant download package including

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  • The Doomsday Book of Medicine: 911 Pages of Life-Changing Medical Solutions
  • The Tiberian Growdome: 61 Pages of Non-GMO Growing Techniques
  • The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage: 44 Pages of Ways to Store Delicious Food for Up to 30 Years
  • The Ultimate Guide to Water Storage: 25 Pages of Ways to Treat, Store, and Find Water in a Crisis
  • FREE Lifetime Crisis Alerts, Tips, and Tactics to Help You Achieve the Self-Reliant Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of[/green_plus_list]

PLUS our no questions asked 365 Day Guarantee!  Just contact or call 877-284-1742 to get a full refund for one full year!

NOTE: You can upgrade to a hard copy of the Doomsday Book of Medicine after you purchase the download versions.


Chris Peterson,
Self Reliance Association
*Your results may vary.  These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not designed to treat, diagnose, or cure disease.