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ISIS is committed to bringing sharia law to America.  

Is your doctor or your hospital next?

Is your doctor or your hospital next?

And their first target could be our hospitals and our doctors.

After all – the San Bernardino terrorists targeted a mental health facility in California.

What better way to bring America to its knees?

You’re probably stockpiling food and water for when the SHTF.

You might even be stockpiling medicine and medical supplies.

But when ISIS and Islamic terrorists attack, you had better be prepared for more than just short term, minor medical issues.

You better have a plan to provide long-term medical care for you and your loved ones without the convenience of hospitals, doctors and prescription drugs.

After all, it could be weeks, months, or even years before order is restored.

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  • Do you want to be fully prepared when ISIS targets your doctor or your local hospital?
  • Do you want to discover dozens of easy and affordable remedies to nearly any medical situation using only what you have in your garden and kitchen pantry?
  • Do you want to take control of you and your family’s well-being without depending on Big Pharma’s addictive drugs?
  • Do you want to avoid waiting in line days, weeks, or months for basic medical care when the next terrorist attack or major storm hits your area?[/red_arrow_list]

You can do all that, and ensure your family’s long-term health and survival, with this:
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The Doomsday Book of Medicine


02_FRONT-3D_transparent back

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”The Bible of Survival!

This is an incredibly well-informed book which exceeds its intentions; the information is helpful for all situations, not just a post apocalyptic scenario.

It is written in such a way that is understandable to everyone, not just those in the medical profession.

This should be a staple of anyone’s bug-out bag or home first-aid kit.

  • Leah Boccaccio


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Here Are Just a Few of The Miraculous Cures
You’ll Find In This Brand-New Hard-Copy Guidebook:


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  • Safe, natural ways to treat nearly every disease, injury and condition – without prescription medications and their side effects.
  • The natural mineral that will control your diabetes better than prescriptions. Page 698
  • The health secrets that will make your body resistant to almost any infection.  And if you do get an infection, how to recover as quickly as possible. Page 33
  • How to grow the most nutritious foods without dangerous chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. Page 95
  • How eating the right foods can actually change how your genes function, from disease creating to disease protecting. Page 121
  • What 99% of vitamin and supplement users are doing wrong that is causing them not to absorb almost everything they take. Page 124
  • The vitamin you already have in your cabinet you can take to prevent the flu that is 8x more powerful than the flu vaccine – if you do it right. Page 414
  • The dirty secret to vibrant, long-lasting life that is right below your feet. Page 95
  • The soothing amino acid that can help lower your anxiety and depression as well as eliminate cravings for drugs and alcohol – which you won’t be able to find in a crisis either! Page 678
  • An antioxidant that is 6,000x more powerful than Vitamin C. Page 49
  • A weed that is the perfect food and can also make biofuel to power your car. Page 145
  • The cooking waste you’re probably throwing away that is the secret to joint and bone health.  Page 592
  • The seed that protects your brain from radiation damage. Page 149
  • The common yard weed you can use to bandage wounds and keep them infection free. Page 442
  • How to get rid of your migraine with an item that is probably already in your refrigerator. Page 206
  • The natural way to raise strong, sane and healthy children without ADHD or the need for Ritalin and other mind-altering drugs. Page 15
  • The common weed that is stronger than Zyrtec for battling allergies but won’t make you sleepy. Page 648
  • The incredibly strong antiviral plant that saved Native Americans from the deadly Spanish Flu of 1918, while others died in the millions. Page 789
  • The perfect health drink that comes from deep ocean waters.  Page 111
  • A common kitchen item that will help control your diabetes. Page 158
  • A fruit that will help your chronic gastritis and acid reflux. Page 524
  • A cleaning product that will control your arthritis and make your bones rock hard. Page 83[/green_tick_1_list]

This incredible life-manual also teaches you how to make your own supplies like: soap, insecticide, sun block, wound care products, toothpaste, and essential oils.[/features_box_grey]

The best part is this isn’t theory or guesswork by some amateur survivalist holed up in the woods…

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These Are Tried and True Medical Solutions Used in
A Professional Medical Practice Every Day


2016-03-30_1114Dr. Ralph LaGuardia has been in private practice in Connecticut for over 25 years and has a 4.5 star rating on

He specializes in Internal Medicine , Bariatrics and Geriatrics.

In addition, he practices Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine is the combination of the cutting edge practices of western medicine and traditional, natural medical remedies.

He has a special interest in nutrition and sustainable gardening and permaculture.

He has developed a unique method of treating his patients combining all these elements that has proven to be quite effective.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”Love Dr. Ralph!

He has been my doctor for almost 20 years. He is friendly, approachable and listens to my concerns. He will address any issues I have. Several of my medical issues have been persistent and we have tried many different treatments, medicines, etc., and he has never given up on me. He utilizes cutting edge lab testing and is well educated. He’s helped numerous issues I’ve had and I’ve had amazing results.”

  • Kathryn Huntington


Dr. LaGuardia’s other passion is survival medicine and what is now known as “Prepping”.

He wrote “The Doomsday Book of Medicine” to fill a void in the survival books that have flooded the market.

These ‘books’ (if you can call them that) are really just advanced first aid manuals, loaded with impractical advice like this:

  • “If you get bit by a snake you’ll need to get some anti venom…”
  • “You need to stockpile your medications!”
  • “Call poison control if you think you’ve ingested poison.”

(these were taken from actual survival medical journals)

Well, how exactly do you do any of those things when there will be no functioning electricity, telephones and infrastructure left?

How helpful is a book that tells you what you already know?

How do you stockpile your meds when insurance companies count every pill they give you?  

And even if you could, what do you do when your supply is exhausted?

After all, you should be investing your hard-earned dollars in a book written by someone that knows MORE THAN YOU DO ABOUT MEDICAL CARE.

Out of his frustration came this 910-page book which supplies the reader with the skills to treat everything from a simple fever to snakebites and broken bones to deadly diseases.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]The Doomsday Book of Medicine has something for everyone!

It is a go-to-now book for those emergent times when you are not near a hospital or do not have medical personnel handy. Dr. Ralph clearly teaches step by step what to do when bit by animals, insects, snakes…etc.

He identifies and explains what to do in those urgent care times such as fevers, head traumas, UTI’s, burns, dehydration, diarrhea, wound care, broken bones, diabetes.

There are even informative teaching chapters on probiotics, amino acids, fish oils, vitamins, healthy fats from oils/seeds, and essential oils; preparing your body for a healthier you!

As a Home Care Nurse and a mother, I truly appreciate the labor of love that Dr. Ralph has put into this survival guide…

  • Sharon Campbell


But that’s just scratching the surface…

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You’ll Also Discover These Medical & Survival Essentials

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  • The Entire ‘What’s Your Problem’ section lists dozens of symptoms and offers practical, affordable solutions that you can create or find in your own home
  • The Survival Medicine Chest shows you what Dr. LaGuardia keeps in his survival cache and lists exactly what you should have on hand in your own survival stockpile
  • Essential Health Practices lists the things you can start doing today to improve your health dramatically
  • The Vitamins and Nutrition sections reveals the truth about supplements and how you are probably getting ZERO benefit from your current supplement intake
  • The Key to Vigorous Good Health reveals the secret to growing the BEST food and medicine
  • Useful Medical Devices for Preppers reveals the small, affordable medical devices that Dr. LaGuardia uses every day in the treatment of his patients that you should have in your stockpile


[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”Doomsday Book of Medicine is an awesome reference!

The section on how to build your own medical chest is especially helpful so you will be able to treat problems when there are no doctors or medicine available.

There is a large section on nutrition and how to grow healthy plants from the soil up I really enjoyed.

For EVERYONE…it is an awesome guide to everyday needs too. VERY INTERESTING read…Prepper or not!”

  • Debra Joy


Click below to get yours before they sell out.

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Even If The ‘Big One’ Never Hits,
This Incredible Health Guidebook
Can Transform Your Life


This is more than a survival guide.

With dozens of easy and useful health tips, you’ll reference this encyclopedia-like book nearly every day.

From growing your own food and medicine to finding the medical uses for the things already in your pantry, this practical and easy-to-use guide can heal you and your loved ones.

You’ll discover incredible life-restoring uses for things like honey, baking soda, vinegar, olive oil, epsom salts and even the dirt in your backyard.

Never before has so much natural and survival medicine been compiled in one place.

If you’ve ever wished that your body came with a natural ‘owner’s manual’ – your wait is over.

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”NOT JUST FOR PREPPERS535px-5_stars-1.svg

I just finished reading this amazing book! It is one of the most comprehensive guides that I have read (and I have read many). It truly is an encyclopedia of self medical care…

He teaches the reader how to make soap, wound-care products, insecticide, sun block, toothpaste and so much more.

It includes how to set up an emergency medical chest, with descriptions of everything you need to treat any medical problem that could arise.

Best of all, it’s easy to read and understand!!!”

  • Dr. Mark Longobardi, DMD


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Imagine Having an Eternal Source of Everything
You’ll Ever Need to Survive and Thrive


The Doomsday Book of Medicine is a ‘book of life’ and might just be the last ‘survival book’ you’ll ever need.

Who has the time - money - for all this?

Who has the time – or the money – for all this?

From growing food and medicine to treating life-threatening diseases, this is an investment in you and your family’s survival for generations to come.

You’ll discover the incredible bounty that God has given us in medicinal plants, herbs, and fungi.

And it’s all in one, easy-to-use guidebook.

It would take you YEARS to gather and test all the proven remedies in this book.

The internet is full of so much conflicting information, it’s hard to know what to believe.

And you would need to gather dozens of books and medical journals – costing thousands of dollars– to get what we’ve gathered in one easy-to-use text.

PLUS, what you find on the internet is really for beginners and amateurs.

You need PROFESSIONAL guidance and proven methods when the SHTF.

You will finally have a resource that has been vetted by medical professionals and actual clinical applications.

The Doomsday Book of Medicine is a medical guide, a gardening guide, a herbal cure guide, a home-made toiletry guide, and a natural healing guide all in one.



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Plus We’ll Include These Free Digital Downloads


Free Gift #1: The Doomsday Book of Medicine Digital Download

DEVICES_smallWe’ll give you an instant link to download the digital version of the Doomsday Book of Medicine so you can dive into the material while we ship your hard-copy book.

The digital version can be read on your iPad, Kindle, smart phone or any computer.

Instantly search your digital copy for any health issue or natural remedy – or share it with friends!


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Free Gift #2: The Tiberian Growdome

Tiberian Growdome 3DGrow non-GMO, mouth wateringly delicious fruits, herbs, and vegetables with this secret growing device pioneered in Biblical Times.

Extend your growing season by up to 50% in nearly any climate and shake off the shackles of Monsanto with this easy-to-follow guide.



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Free Gift #3: The Ultimate Guide to Food Storage

Food 3D book coverDiscover the easy way to store delicious and nutritious food for up to 30 years with this guide.

Written with the help of a 90-year-old Great-Grandmother that has been canning and storing food long-term for 60 years.

This is imperative is you think that your survival food will keep you healthy for long term survival (hint: it won’t)!



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Free Gift #4: The Ultimate Guide to Water Storage

Water 3D book cover -1All the food and medicine in the world is worthless if you don’t have clean, drinkable water.

This easy to follow guide will show you how to find, treat, and store water for the long-term.



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Free Gift #5: Your Free Crisis Tips & Alerts

Survival, preparedness, and self-reliance is our business.  We eat, sleep, and breath this stuff.

So we’ll keep you up-to-the-minute on the latests happenings that you need to be prepared for.

And we’ll help you get prepared with the latest gear reviews, tactics, and strategies to keep you and your family safe.

Plus we’ll show you how to live a more self-sufficient life with the freedom you’ve always dreamed of.

It’s free for life, no ongoing charges.

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Plus we’ll take it one step further and remove any risk to you…

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We’re So Confident You’ll Love ‘The Doomsday Book of Medicine’ We’ll Guarantee It For 365 Days


Most products you buy these days give you 30 or 60 days to decide if you like it.

That’s not nearly long enough to decide if the material is really worthy of you hard-earned dollars – especially for survival information that you might not use for weeks or months.

So we’re guaranteeing your purchase for a full year.

Take your time with the Doomsday Book of Medicine, and see if these age-old cures transform your health the way they have for thousands of other folks just like you.

If it doesn’t, or you’re not satisfied with your purchase in any way, just email our Customer Service Queen Barbara at and she’ll take care of a full refund for you.

No questions, no hassles.

That’s our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and you won’t find it on any of those other ‘survival medical’ guides.


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Are You Going to Be One of The Millions
Left Clamoring for Sub-Par Medical Care?


Are you going to depend on FEMA handouts when the SHTF?

Thousands wait for aid in front of a Red Cross tent after Superstorm Sandy

Or are you going to take matters into your own hands?

This is NOT information readily available on the web.

These are proven healing techniques tested and confirmed in Dr. LaGuardia’s own medical clinic.

Remember, medical costs will SOAR when hospitals and doctors are in short supply.

Whatever is left of our medical system after terrorists attack will provide shoddy medical care at best.

Effective medical care and disease treatment will likely be a privilege only the rich and well-connected will have.

Will you be able to afford medical care when costs triple and quadruple over the already-sky high rates we’re paying now?

It’s time to decide.

We’ve broken up payments for this incredible resource into 5 easy payments of $10.

[green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Do you want to stop a deadly infection in it’s tracks using common items in your pantry?  Just turn to Page 33 when you get your guide.
  • Are you ready to fight off life-threatening diseases like Ebola and Zika that will spread like wildfire when the medical system is destroyed?  Read Chapter 39 and you will be…
  • Are you prepared to treat gaping wounds, chronic diarrhea, and even anxiety (all things that will be VERY common during a crisis) without over -the-counter or prescription medication?   You will be, just 3 minutes from now when you complete your purchase of the Doomsday Book of Medicine…[/green_tick_1_list]

[content_box_light_blue width=”75%”]”Get this book!!!

I’m impressed.

As an ICU/ER Registered Nurse I was not sure I would get as much out of it as I did…

But WOW this is the quintessential guide to preparing for doomsday, or living off the grid, or just learning about a myriad of things helpful in healthcare and 1st aide.

I encourage you to buy it, read it cover to cover and give it to friends and loved ones as gifts. WOW!”

  • Queenie


Just click below to get started.

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