Delete yourself from the web?

I hope you are enjoying our updates and alerts.  We are trying to prevent the type of tracking and hacking that our own government just got caught red-handed doing.

Here are some more tips and tricks I have found that I think you will find handy:

– We are in the process of testing this service ourselves here at Freedom Writers Publishing. Unfortunately most of us have already deleted our online footprint.  So we invite you to also test it and tell us what you think.  This service claims to do for you (for a fee) what our book helps you to do free:

– We cover all of this extensively on our book, but this is a nice reminder of simple steps for covering your tracks online:

– A Colorado senator (among others) is trying to repeal the Patriot Act.  Please take 1 minute and leave a name, use a pseudonym if you like, on this petition.  Even if you don’t live in Colorado, it will show support for reforming this privacy-shredding legislation:

Please, keep opening and reading our alerts right here.  Its all in the name of keeping you safe….

Chris Peterson, Patriot and Privacy Advocate

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