Creating an Uncrackable Password and a Free Documentary

OK, you’re correct.

Uncrackable is not a word in the English language.

But, I think you know what I mean – so let’s go with it!

Almost every day I get advertisements from companies that want me to buy their product for creating and storing uncrackable passwords. That just goes with the turf when you’re a privacy and security consultant. Folks are going to send you their “stuff” and want you to try it.

Frankly, I’m up to my ears in emails and ads about uncrackable password products. I bet you get a lot of them as well.

So I nearly skipped an article about passwords in one of my favorite tech magazines because I’m kind of tired of the subject.

Yet – it is a very important topic. After all, poor passwords are a big reason a lot of folks get hacked.

So I read it. And, I’m glad I did. So glad, I’m going to suggest that you read it as well.

It’s headlined, “Qwerty Card: A lo-tech solution to managing hi-tech passwords.”

The article is short and straightforward and the author, Mark Gibbs, provides two easy and fun (OK, I’ve got a little geek in me, so I think these methods can be fun) ways to create the closest thing to an uncrackable password you’ll find.

One method – his method – is free and creates a password that“would take a supercomputer up to 14 years to guess the password while a PC/GPU setup might have to run for 283,717 years to guess it.”

The other method – The Qwerty Card method cost 5 bucks if you buy the card and “could take a desktop PC about 3 septillion years to crack.”

*{Hint: I think you could create the Qwerty Card for free by looking at the picture. And this Scots-Irish guy thinks free is the best price I know.}*

OK. Check the article out. The Qwerty Card system is super easy and creates the closest thing to an uncrackable password without all the unnecessary bells and whistles of so many other products.

Speaking of free. I want to take a moment to invite you to watch a free series of documentaries called The Truth About Cancer.

For me, cancer is a very personal and painful disease because my Dad died from cancer when I was in High School.  Truth be told, because the disease struck him when I was in Fourth Grade, my Dad was never very involved in my life. He was physically incapacitated (paralyzed on his left side), frequently hospitalized, and after a seven-year battle he died.

I can tell you that his death impacted every aspect of my life and – in many ways – it still impacts my life.

To be honest, I have some very definite opinions about the good and bad associated with many forms of cancer treatment.

And, importantly, I have a very open mind about what does and does not work and what may or may not work when it comes to cancer treatments.

And because I know many of you have been impacted by cancer in one fashion or another, you’re personally invited to watch this11-part, investigative report (60 minutes style) documentary mini-series that will broadcast to the world (for free) in less than a couple of weeks.

And let me emphasize – it’s FREE.

OK, sorry to drop that on you as I know cancer is a difficult topic for many folks. But, I thought you might want to know about this series of films. I leave it to your good judgment. I’m always cautious when suggesting anything having to do with our health. But, because of the impact cancer has had in my life, I will be watching The Truth About Cancer and I’d love to hear your opinion if you check it out.

You can always write me at [email protected] and I really appreciate any feedback about anything I discuss in these advisories.

Be safe, secure and free!!

Rob Douglas – Former Washington DC Private Detective

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