Could Russia Ever Invade the US?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine rages on, essentially having ground to a standstill, people all over the place are naturally asking a lot of questions. Some of those questions are rather obvious, such as whether Putin will win, defeating Ukraine, while others are looking farther down the road, wondering just what Putin is really up to. His actions are strikingly similar to Hitler’s at the beginning of World War II, making a lot of people wonder if Putin will be satisfied with Ukraine or if he will start gobbling countries up, just like Hitler did.

Part of what drove the Cold War was Russia getting involved in raising insurgencies in third world countries. It’s not that the Soviet Union really had much interest in those counties; but rather was stirring up trouble in order to force the United States to react. For the price of a few cases of rifles and other small arms, they could keep a battalion or more of US troops tied up, dealing with the insurrection.

The theory which was causing all the concern back then was that the Soviet Union would gradually pick off all these countries, until only the United States was left. Then, all they would have to do is cut off our access to resources and we wouldn’t be able to stand up against them. We might even lose the war, without ever fighting for our own country’s freedom.

The question is, was this merely fear mongering or was there some justification to that fear?

The truth is that it was probably a bit of both. It has been longstanding US policy that it is better to fight a war on someone else’s soil, than on our own. That’s a large part of why our troops are overseas, protecting so many countries. As long as there are countries in the world with imperial ambitions, this scenario is a possibility. Considering that the two counties which follow the United States in military might, China and Russia, both have imperial ambitions, the possibility is one that can’t be ignored.

As it stands right now, neither Russia or China is strong enough to invade the United States; perhaps if they worked together, but that’s not all that easy to arrange. But what would happen if they gradually took over enough of the world to severely cut our supply lines? Considering how much of our supply comes from China, that wouldn’t be all that hard to do.

So where does this leave us, with the current war in Ukraine?

First, I personally have to consider the war in Ukraine and China’s threatening of Taiwan our war, not just “their war.” In the case of Taiwan, we’re talking about an ally and while Ukraine isn’t an ally, we promised to protect Ukraine if they gave up their nuclear weapons, after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Just because Russia has broken that agreement, doesn’t mean that we should too. It is unclear of what our actual responsibility is to Ukraine, but it seems like it’s more than just sanctions.

But it doesn’t stop there either. Putin has already threatened three other countries, that he will take similar action against them if they look like they’re going to join NATO. Adding that to the current invasion and his invasion of Georgia, and it is clear that he is on an empire building rampage that looks a lot like Hitler’s takeover of Europe.

The worst thing is that Russia and China are supporting each other in their empire building. Together they could be more powerful than we are, militarily speaking. But that leaves one major thing out of the equation… American gun owners. We are the largest armed force in the world, with something like 90 million members.

If the US military doesn’t give Putin and Xi Jinping pause, then you and I should. Back in World War II, Admiral Yamamoto, Japan’s commander in chief of their combined fleet, said that an invasion of America was impossible, exaggerating just a touch when he stated that there would be a rifle behind every blade of grass. If anything, it would be even more dangerous to an invader today, as the ranks of gun owners have risen since then, with more privately owned guns in the United States then there are citizens.

But hopefully it will never come close to that invasion, as if it did, we would already be in a world of hurt. With the world’s supply chains meandering through many countries today, we would already be facing serious supply problems before that invasion came. Nevertheless, knowing that you and I are here and that we are prepared for any such invasion, has got to give those leaders pause.

Just one more reason to keep our powder dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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