Constitutional Carry on the Rise

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Just a few short years ago, New Hampshire stood alone as the only state in the Union where Constitutional Carry was law. Today we have 21 states with Texas soon to become the 22nd state which has incorporated that into their legal code.

On one hand, it’s surprising that such laws need to be passed, as the Second Amendment makes it eminently clear that our rights both to keep and to bear arms “shall not be infringed.” Yet somehow they have been infringed upon through the years, to the point where some states require a permit to even own a handgun, let alone carry it.

Perhaps a part of this has been due to the Supreme Court’s reluctance to get involved in Second Amendment cases. Right now they have the first such case on their docket in over a decade. Many other potential cases were presented to the Supreme Court for consideration; but all have been passed over by the Supremes, without hearing them.

But even with Democrats pushing hard for gun control laws to be enacted, the country overall, outside of states where there is solid Democrat control, has been moving more and more towards granting the citizenry more and more liberty in the ownership and use of firearms of all sorts.

Perhaps this is, at least in part, pushback against the Democrat efforts to find a way to take our guns away since the time of President Obama. Or perhaps it’s our elected representatives actually listening to the will of the people and recognizing that even Democrat voters are buying guns in unprecedented numbers. The Second Amendment has become a litmus test for voting for a particular candidate, which Democrat lawmakers in states which appreciate the Second Amendment have become forced to recognize or lose their seats.

Is constitutional carry good? Overall I’d have to say yes. Added freedom is always good. But we must recognize that this will increase the number of people owning and carrying guns, who are not properly trained. There are already a lot of people who apply for a concealed carry permit, without ever having fired a shot. This will become worse, with people being able to carry, without bothering to get a license to carry.

Personally, one of my biggest fears about carrying is hitting an innocent bystander. That’s a large part of why I practice so much. If I ever have to draw my pistol again, I want to be sure that when I pull the trigger, I’ll hit what I’m aiming at. Apparently these people who get a license, without practicing haven’t thought of that.

So with so many states passing constitutional carry laws, should any of us bother to get a concealed carry permit? Or should we just join in the throng of people who are going to take advantage of the new law and carry?

I intend to keep my concealed carry permit up to date, even when Texas passes concealed carry, assuming that they won’t be doing away with it. Allow me to explain why.

  • First, there are still over half the states which don’t have a constitutional carry law. Even in those states which do have constitutional carry, some limit that to only citizens of that state. I can’t assume I can carry in them.
  • Secondly, as of this writing, my permit is recognized 36 other states, although some place restrictions on it. So, if I want to be able to carry my pistol in those states, I need to have my license.
  • Thirdly, by having a concealed carry permit, I can purchase firearms without a background check, because I will have already passed a more stringent background check.
  • Finally, my concealed carry permit tells police officers that I am trained and have passed that background check. While there is no requirement for them to do so, they are likely to understand that as evidence that I’m likely to be a good guy with a gun.

Each state is different, but in my state one has to take a class that covers the law regarding carrying and use of lethal force, pass a test and take a proficiency test with their chosen handgun. Those aren’t difficult requirements to meet and in fact are more stringent than in many other states. But to me, they show that I am a responsible gun owner who carries, not just someone who has decided to carry. The difference might seem slight, but it’s an important one. It sends a message that the police clearly understand.

So, while my wife, who has never shot a gun in her life (COVID got in the way of me teaching her), may soon be able to legally carry, we won’t be changing a thing. I won’t get her a gun until she has learned and has proven to my satisfaction that she can carry that gun safely and use it judiciously. As much as I want her to be protected, that also means protected from going to jail for shooting an innocent bystander.

Owning and using guns is a right; one that the government shouldn’t be infringing upon. At the same time; it’s a responsibility. I take that responsibility seriously and I hope for others to do so as well. Hopefully our greater freedom won’t turn into people being irresponsible with guns, giving our legal opposition ammunition that they can use against us.

I carry to be prepared; but I try to do so responsibly. It’s a tool; just like keeping my powder dry and my survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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