Clearing Outside Your Home

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

We’ve all heard of building clearing and probably seen it demonstrated by actors on some cop show or other. Of course, we can’t count on the technical accuracy of their portrayal at all; but at least they pretend to do it. Just remember that if you do it the way you’ve seen Hollywood portray it, chances are pretty good that the bad guys will get you long before you can get them.

One of the biggest requirements for building clearing of any sort is keeping yourself out of the line of fire, while you are trying to locate the enemy. What we see, where guys are rushing into a room is dangerous, especially if you’re dealing with a keyed up invader, who is likely to shoot at anything.

Hopefully you’ve received some real training in building clearing sometime. It’s a real challenge when you’re alone and best done with a team. Even if the other team member is only able to keep a watch to make sure they don’t sneak into an area you’ve already cleared; their presence will greatly increase your chances of success.

Ok, so you’ve cleared your house, but you’re still sure there’s someone out there. Perhaps they’re in your yard. What do you do? How do you get rid of them?

During the daytime, all you’ve got to do is go outside. Thieves aren’t after a confrontation and many of them don’t go around armed. Their best defense is to avoid attracting attention, along with their ability to run away before anyone can see them. Going outside and walking around your house will be enough to get them to flee, unless you’re dealing with someone who is there because they want to do you harm, rather than just stealing your stuff.

That said, don’t go outside unawares. Take your gun with you, perhaps even holding it in your hand. Be sure to look, not just allow your eyes to pass over things. Notice anything that looks different and take the time to investigate. You might find something that gives you an idea of their plans or how you can improve your security before they come back to visit the next time.

But what if it’s night time?

First of all, going outside to look for them is extremely dangerous in the dark. There’s no way you can go out the door, without making a target out of yourself. If they’re hiding in the shadows somewhere, they can take you out before you know where they are. But even if they don’t want to do that, your chances of finding them are extremely slim.

So what do you do?

The first thing should probably be to call the police. I wouldn’t bother calling the police if I thought someone was in my home; I’d take action. But this is a different case. We already know that the home is clear, but we think someone might be outside. If we can run them off, that’s all we need to do. A couple of police cruisers showing up suddenly is likely to do just that.

But what if the police can’t come? Sometimes, they’re busy.

If that’s the case, then turn on every exterior light you have. Hopefully you’ve got security lights on the outside of your home, not just porch and driveway lights. Turning them on is a pretty sure way of scaring off any criminal, as they don’t want to be seen. You might even manage to catch a glimpse of them running.

If you have a bright tactical light and there are areas that are shadowed, where the security light doesn’t reach, use the tactical light to illuminate those areas, through the home’s windows. Once again, if that light is coming at them, they’re likely to run. They don’t want you to see them and they definitely don’t want you to be able to recognize them.

Avoid the temptation to go outside, looking for them. Maybe you’ll have to do that; but I can’t think of a realistic scenario where that’s going to be necessary. As long as you’re in the house and they’re outside, you’re safe. So why change that? The goal isn’t to be a hero, no matter how much you might feel drawn to try to be.

On the other hand, you should make a careful look around your property the next morning. Most burglars will case a home before trying to break in. If you look carefully, you might be able to see some signs of them doing just that, perhaps something that might even have value as evidence if they ever do come back.

Just don’t get carried away with the idea of being a hero. Better to be alive, than to take unnecessary chances. You can defend your family from inside the home, without putting yourself at risk. So do so; and in the mean time, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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