Can You Truly Burglar-proof Windows?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

As I sit here in my office, looking out the window at my backyard, I’m reminded of the difficulty in making a home truly secure. Almost all of the security measures we typically do are based on one glaring truth; that criminals don’t want to attract attention to themselves. In practical terms, that means not doing anything that makes noise, looks suspicious or otherwise would cause people to look and wonder what’s going on.

With that understanding, the biggest reason why criminals don’t break into homes through windows all that often is that they don’t want to break the glass. That’s a distinctive, easily identifiable sound and one that tends to attract attention. So any burglar that’s trying to get in through the window looks for a window that was left open. All it takes to defeat that is closing and locking the windows.

But what if noise isn’t an issue?

There are cases where noise isn’t a problem, such as when someone lives far enough away from any neighbors that nobody will hear the glass break anyway. Criminals look for such locations, scouting them out before breaking in; and I can assure you, they know just how far that sound of breaking glass can be heard.

But that’s not the only time that I can see, where burglars would not have to worry about noise. What about when there’s a lot of other noise going on, such as while people are shooting off fireworks? Even that isn’t the top concern, as the time when there’s the least risk for them is when everyone is gone, such as in the case of a general evacuation. Part of the reason why there’s so much looting going on at such times, is that there is almost no chance that the criminals will be caught.

So what can we do?

To start with, even though locked windows are easily broken, home windows should be kept closed and locked. The only exception to that would be when the window is being used for ventilation. But once the ventilation is no longer needed or you leave your home, be sure to close and lock it securely. If the locks don’t work, as may be the case on older homes, then install new ones.

But that’s only going to take care of the break-in artists who doing want to make noise. Now we’ve got to solve the problem of the rest of them. That’s not so easy.

There are two basic ways of securing glass windows. Either will work, although the most intrusive of the two is clearly more effective, even if some people do think it makes a house like a prison.

The easier and less costly method is to install window security film. This clear plastic film adheres to the inside of the window glass, making it harder to break out the window. While it can’t stop a window from being broken, if the window is broken, the glass doesn’t readily come out. Whoever breaks the window has to break it all the way around the perimeter, as the window film holds the broken glass together. Not only does that make more noise, but it also takes longer. That added time can be enough to convince the would-be criminal that it’s best to look elsewhere.

The other method is to install burglar bars over the windows. These metal bars mount over the window, making it impossible to get through, even if the window glass is broken. While it would still be possible to break into the house, that would require using a truck and chain to pull the burglar bars off the wall.

While there are factory-made burglar bars available through the local lumberyard or home improvement center, the best are custom made at a welding shop. Not only are they made to fit the window, but they are made of thicker metal, making them stronger. They can also be made fancier, for those who care about how it looks. While stronger burglar bars aren’t more of a deterrent; they could make a difference if some criminal decides to try and get in anyway.

Speaking of making it look better, welding shops can make burglar bars that go inside the window, just as well as they can make them to go outside the window. These not only look better, but the criminals can forget about using that truck and chain to pull them off. They’d literally have to pull the bars through the wall structure around the window, to get it off.

So, whatever you do, take some time to look at your window security. After all, the best battle is the one you win, without having to fight. Making it so you don’t have to fight for window security, is right up there with keeping your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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