All I can say is ‘OOPS’

Well, sometimes I need a reminder just to keep my mouth shut.

I screwed up folks.  I met a very nice couple a couple months ago that were really fired up about Bitcoin.  After researching a book they had written about the subject, I decide my readers should know about it too.

I wasn’t recommending it so much as something to invest in, but as something to learn more about.  If nothing else, it was a tremendous economic experiment that needed to be watched.

So I scheduled an email about it weeks ago, and then forgot that I had.  I tend to go on binge cycles with the news.  I like to shut it out for a while and collect my thoughts.  Bad timing.

Bitcoin, like so many of us, has fallen victim to cyberattacks. That is to say the main exchange where it is traded was hacked and hundreds of millions of dollars worth of this mysterious electronic currency simply disappeared.

I guess we should have seen this coming. We know that our own fiat currency (the American dollar) isn’t worth much and it has the US government behind it (for whatever that is worth LOL).

This doesn’t mean that Bitcoin is dead, but its on life support and I recommend anyone thinking of investing should take a step back and wait this turbulence out.

Anyway, hundreds of you pointed out my mistake and I apologize.  I promise not to fall asleep at the wheel again.  I hope you’ll forgive me, and keep the feedback coming on the offers we send.

Humbly yours,

Chris Peterson

PS:  This is also a good time to remind you about the security of my emails.  I don’t always send things that I 100% agree with or find useful.  I send controversial things because I think they are interesting or I think our readers might find interesting.

But I always, always make sure that the sites I refer are safe and secure for you and your personal information.  Our links are safe, we work very hard to assure that.

Thanks again for being one of us….

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