Biden’s Gun Control Executive Orders

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Ok, we’ve been expecting it; and the new President is finally delivering. It had to happen, with so much of his campaign centered around the supposed need for gun control. But even his own voter base (many of whom only voted for him to get rid of former President Trump) isn’t on-board with it, as many Democrats are becoming first-time gun owners. That apparently doesn’t matter; as always, the puppeteers behind the scenes are the ones pulling the strings and they want gun control… or maybe we should just say “control.”

Even so, what President Biden signed on April 8th isn’t as bad as many of us expected. It appears that his legal advisors were looking for the things which he might have a chance at getting away with. They’re smart enough to realize that couldn’t just outlaw AR-15s or even normal capacity magazines with the stroke of a pen, so they picked actions which could placate their base, while having a fair chance of surviving legal challenge.

AR-15 Pistol Variants

The first thing that Biden went after is the so-called “AR-style pistols.” These are short-barreled AR-15s, where the stock has been replaced by a forearm grip, which clamps onto the shooter’s forearm, allowing the gun to be fired one-handed. Selling the idea to ATF as a pistol was a genius marketing ploy, as the man who presented and demonstrated it was a one-armed veteran. But that particular firearm has always been on shaky ground, since most owners have two functioning arms.

Biden used the recent shooting in Boulder as an excuse to go after this popular AR-variant. But he didn’t outlaw it by Executive Order. Rather, he has directed the ATF to reexamine the evidence and change their original ruling. Considering the new director of the AFT he has nominated is a strong anti-gun activist, we can be fairly sure that they will find reason to change the designation.

The question then will be whether the estimated 40 million gun owners who have one of these will have to turn them in, will have to register them in some way (such as with other “restricted” firearms) or will be grandfathered in some way.

Ghost Guns

Going after ghost guns is another obvious ploy for the President to take, using the excuse that it makes it too easy for criminals to make their own guns. The fact that criminals are too lazy to put in the hours required to make an 80% AR-15 is immaterial. According to the President, it only takes minutes.

While this is an obvious area for him to go after, it’s going to end up being ineffective. Putting serial numbers on 80% kits will just mean that sellers will start manufacturing 70% kits which don’t have serial numbers. There’s really no way of stopping people from making their own guns. Even if there wasn’t a kit to make your own; people have made guns out of pipe and other parts from the hardware store.

Red Flag Laws

Unfortunately, Red Flag laws have been gaining in popularity, even amongst some Republican lawmakers. It sounds good, taking guns out of the hands of dangerous people. I can sympathize with the sentiment. But the problem is that it is done without due process. All it takes is for someone to claim that the gun owner is a danger to themselves or others, and the police can conduct a no-knock raid to steal their guns.

We’ve already got a federal law on the books which allows the courts to take away guns from people in cases where a restraining order claims that they are potentially dangerous. What that means is that if a disgruntled wife is filing for divorce, all she has to do is say that she’s afraid of her husband and his guns have to be put in secure storage; it doesn’t matter if he’s never exhibited any violence or not, it’s done on her say-so.

Red flag laws are an expansion of that same idea. Biden is directing the Department of Justice to come up with a sample law for states to use in passing those laws. If that passes, anyone can have someone else’s guns taken from them, just on their say so; and good luck getting them back. Hope you don’t have any gun hating neighbors or relatives.

The Biggest Danger

Those three are bad enough; but the President made an even bigger and more dangerous claim than that in the speech where he was delivering these Executive Orders. He said that “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute. You can’t yell ‘fire’ in a crowded movie theater and call it freedom of speech.”

First of all, you can yell ‘fire’ in that hypothetical movie theatre. It’s not illegal. The only limitation on our First Amendment right to freedom of speech that SCOTUS has stated is speech that is intended to incite violence. So, it not only must succeed in inciting violence to be illegal, but they have to be able to prove that your intent was to incite violence. That’s much harder to do.

In making that statement, the President was trying to undermine our Constitutional rights; something that the Democrat Party has been working on for years. He’s laying the foundation to normalize that idea, so that Democrats in Congress can then use it for a host of other causes. That’s truly dangerous. It could become the basis for destroying all our constitutionally guaranteed rights, if it becomes normalized.

We’re living in dangerous times my friend. All the more reason to keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand. Just don’t shoot too quickly and give Democrats more sound bites to use against us.

Dr. Rich

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