Biden’s Attack on Homemade Guns

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

When President Biden won the election last November, we all knew that he was going to do whatever he could to attack our Second Amendment rights. He campaigned with that as part of his platform and has a long history of being against our lawful right to keep and bear arms. The only part we didn’t know is what form his attacks would take.

The problem for the president is that he is limited by the Constitution. Not only is our right to keep and bear arms guaranteed in the Second Amendment, but the Constitution specifically limits the president’s power, just like it does for the other branches of government. For him to do anything major, he needs the concurrence of Congress. And while the Democrats control both houses of Congress, they don’t have the supermajority they would need in the Senate, to just do whatever they want.

Still, there are things that the president can do and he has his team working hard at finding them. The first attack seems to be against what the media commonly refers to as “ghost guns” and those of us who are gun owners refer to as homemade guns or 80% lowers.

This has always been a grey area in the law and it actually surprises me that it has survived this long. But the law is technical and it is a technicality which makes it possible for us to buy 80% lowers, finish them out and build our own guns. Technically these aren’t considered to be guns, because they are only 80% complete parts. They would have to be more than 80% complete to qualify as a gun and need a serial number attached.

But that may all be about to change, if the new president gets his way. He has instructed ATF to take a fresh look at the regulations regarding 80% lowers, with the idea of changing them. That such changes really wouldn’t make a difference in stopping crime doesn’t matter. As we all know, it’s not about stopping crime, it’s about stopping private gun ownership, especially ownership of those scary guns that look like military ones.

The first question we have to ask is whether or not he can get away with it; to which I’d have to say yes. Since we’re talking regulations here and not laws, the only thing that could stop him is for Congress to overrule the new regulation, interpreting the law. But there’s no way a Democrat controlled congress is going to do that. By the time the Republicans have control again, it will be too late to challenge the regulation; they would have to nullify it with a new law. That’s not real likely to happen.

The second question that naturally comes up is what difference this will make. That one’s a bit difficult to guess, as it will depend a lot on how exactly the new regulation is worded.

The most obvious thing to attempt is redefine at what point the lower receiver or frame of a gun is considered to be a gun and require a serial number to be engraved or stamped into it at that point. But all that would do is change 80% lowers into 70% lowers, 60% lowers or even 50% lowers.

The thing is, no matter what new regulation they come up with, people will find a way around it. Even if they require serial numbers on blank aluminum ingots, it wouldn’t stop those who want to build their own guns; it would just make the job harder. Someone would come up with a way to do it.

Requiring that anyone manufacturing a firearm apply a serial number really wouldn’t make any difference. Anyone who builds a gun from an 80% lower can do that now. Some do, just to make it less obvious that they’re shooting a homemade gun. The problem would come in if they required those weapons be registered with the government, something that is not currently required of firearms manufacturers, as it would constitute a federal gun registry, something that is against the law.

Besides, you can make a lower receiver for an AR-15 on a 3D printer these days, with the necessary drawings online. There are also other guns that can be made, besides those built from an 80% lower. I’ve seen sten machine pistols, Uzis and derringers, just to name a few.

So where does this leave us?

First, I’m pretty sure that they’re going to do something in an attempt to stop people from building their own guns. They’ll couch their true intentions in language to confuse the uneducated and convince them it’s all about reducing the ability for criminals to make their own guns. But since criminals don’t make their own guns now, the only people it will hurt are those who enjoy building firearms as a technical challenge; people like you and I.

So, if you’re thinking at all of building a “ghost gun” sometime in the future, I’d recommend buying your 80% lower or frame now, before this new regulation hits. At the least, whatever you buy now will be easier than what you’d end up buying later. But if you can, buy it without leaving a paper trail. Use a prepaid card and have it sent to an address that can’t be traced to you.

You might want to download the plans for making 3D lowers and other gun-related plans as well, just to make sure that you can get them. If you never use them, that’s fine; but at least you’ll have them if you want to. Besides, the more of us who have such things in our possession; the more ludicrous their attempts to stop us become. That alone makes it worth doing.

I guess keeping a ghost gun around is a lot like keeping your powder dry; something to help keep us safe. That’s enough reason to have one, just like keeping your survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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