Banning the Bump Stock

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

Yesterday, a news article caught my eye, which gave me a bit of a laugh. It was another article about bump stocks and how various left-leaning states are making them illegal to own. This particular article dealt with the state of New Jersey, although pretty much the same article could be written about several other states.

So far, three states have actually passed laws banning bump stocks, with another 16 states which currently have bills passing through their state congress to make owning the accessory illegal. As with many such laws, they are an emotional reaction to the Las Vegas shooting, in which the killer used bump stocks to great effect in his murder spree.

This is a classic case of closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. While I can understand lawmakers feeling like they had to do something; acting out of emotion isn’t going to solve the problem. Chances are very slim that another shooter will use bump stocks, simply because of the cost of the high quantity of ammo that’s needed to use them. the Las Vegas shooter was wealthy, whereas most mass shooters are young men who don’t have that much money.

So Democrat lawmakers, who control both houses of the New Jersey state legislature, passed a law which isn’t going to accomplish a thing, except to make themselves feel good. Nobody’s life will be saved by this law, but a few of them might get reelected, if their constituency is in favor of gun control.

I’m not a fan of bump stocks. As far as I’m concerned, all they are is a toy; one that allows you to waste money, shooting ammunition rapidly. They have absolutely no value as a home defense tool, because you can’t control your shots. So, thanks, but no thanks. Nevertheless, I can understand people wanting to do that. It’s their money, so as far as I’m concerned, it’s their right.

Now here’s the kicker. The drop-dead date for citizens of New Jersey to turn their bump stocks in to the police has come and gone… and they haven’t received a single one. That’s right, there isn’t one less bump stock in New Jersey today, than there was before the law passed, unless someone sent theirs to their cousin who lives out of state.

All that has happened is that some number of law-abiding New Jersey citizens are now living as felons. Not because they did anything wrong, but because of a bunch of politicians, who think they are better than anyone else, arbitrarily deciding that the lawful action they were doing, is no longer lawful.

This isn’t a buyback. In all but a few cases, the states enacting these laws haven’t approved any money for reimbursing the owners of these accessories. Rather, the government is mandating that they give up their private property, which was legally purchased, in response to a feel good law born out of fear. There is absolutely no incentive for firearm owners to give up these bump stocks.

The whole thing is absolutely absurd. It is, by definition, a form of tyranny. A small group of people arbitrarily imposing their will and their opinion on others. As Americans, the people of New Jersey who own bump stocks were right to not turn them in. There comes a time when civil disobedience is the right course of action, and in my book, this looks to qualify just as much as my great-great-great-great-great-grandfather, Silas Hubble, dressing up as an Indian and dumping British tea into the Boston harbor.

A law, that isn’t enforced, is no law whatsoever. That’s what we have here. The state legislature of New Jersey and other states have crated laws that can’t be enforced, or if they are enforced, would cost the lives of many people. Just like any other form of gun control or confiscation, those who own the guns are unlikely to let them go. Some of us would rather die, taking a stand for our rights, than give up our guns.

Whether or not anyone is willing to do that over bump stocks is yet to be seen. I don’t see too many law enforcement officers lining up for overtime, to knock on suspected bump stock owner’s doors and haul them off to the slammer for owning an illegal firearm accessory. Perhaps if they did, some people would turn them in or destroy them. But it’s much more likely there would be a number of pitched battles, as people stood their ground to protect their rights.

In response to this, police would likely change their tactics. Instead of politely knocking on the door of a suspected bump stock owner, they will use a SWAT team and break down the door. Anyone inside with a gun, whether legally in their possession or not, would automatically be considered to be a threat and shot on sight. Innocent people would end up dying, if it gets that far, all because of a foolish law.

Democrats are obviously going to continue pushing for these laws, forcing them upon the population, whether it is what the people want, or not. At some point, this will become dangerous. The law-abiding citizens of this country will say “enough is enough” and find themselves forced to push back.

I’m not looking forward to that day. Some say it will be a new civil war. That’s quite possible. But it’s much more likely to be the police state in action. Some police officers will resign over this, while others will follow orders. Those that resign may very well end up being some of the first victims of that police state. But I am sure, their lives will be vindicated.

What do you think? Where to do you stand? I don’t have a bump stock, but as we all know, they won’t stop there. Those on the left will keep pushing until they reach a point of confiscating our guns. What will you do then?

Seems to me, like my regular admonition to keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand isn’t mere hyperbole, but something we all should live by.

Dr. Rich

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