Avoid a deadly takedown

My friend Bob Pierce sent this great trick for stopping a would be attack in the form of a tackle:

The tackle is a pretty common attack that you may run into on the street. If you don’t know how to handle it you may be in for a world of hurt.
Luckily after watching this video you’ll have the tools take care of business if someone tries to tackle you.


Before we dig into the specifics of this self defense tackle stopper I want to quickly draw attention to Jacov’s technique of watching an attacker’s throat not his eyes. This is great advice for two reasons.

First, watching the throat gives you a better view of the entire person.
Second, avoiding eye contact gives you a psychological advantage because it helps you remove emotion from the conflict and eliminates an attacker’s ability to distract you with his eyes.

Now for the meat of this self defense move. To start with, this tackle defense is meant to be used on a guy who is already standing in front of you. It’s not meant to stop a bull rush, or a running tackle.

If an attacker is in front of you and drops down to grab one or both of your legs, your first move should be to step backwards lowering your center of gravity. This gives you more stability.

Next, you want to put one hand on the crown of your attackers head, while your drive your other palm forward into his face.

Driving your hand forward into his face will usually stop his forward momentum, but it also serves another purpose. Once you make contact with his face you will have both hands on opposite sides of his skull. This allows you to easily manipulate his body.

Using his chin as a handle you can torque his head to the left or right, which will force his body to follow. As you saw in the video once you’ve gained control of his head there are a number of self defense moves you can use to end the fight, the choice is yours.

Keep in mind any time you are manipulating the head and twisting it the move can become lethal. So when training this self defense technique go slowly and be very careful.

Looking out for you…
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