Attacked in Your Car

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

We’ve all been hearing about the violence that has sprung up from the protests following the death of George Floyd. While it is clear that the two are related, there have been a number of police chiefs who have come out publically, saying that they have clear evidence that those starting the violence and destruction were embedded in the protests. Most likely, these people were from ANTIFA, which has a history of turning peaceful demonstrations violent.

This is of real concern to all of us; not so much the part about who is perpetrating the violence, but that it is being perpetrated at all. We’re living in a time when literally nobody is safe, least of all those who live in big cities. It is in those cities where most of the violence is happening.

There have already been at least 15 people killed and who knows how many injured through this violence and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop anytime soon. More than any time in the past, it looks like the black lives matter movement has gained legs and there are plenty of people who want to keep it in the forefront… at least until the November elections are over.

That means continued violence. Regardless of whether the organizers of these protests are trying to keep their events peaceful or not, it is clear that there are those who are going to use the as camouflage for their own nefarious purposes. Those purposes include making the nation ungovernable, defunding and dismantling the police, and creating anarchy. BLM doesn’t espouse to be an anarchist movement, but ANTIFA clearly does.

Obviously, this means we must all be ready to defend ourselves at all times. Gun sales for June broke records once again, as many first-time gun owners made their purchases. Surprisingly, although maybe we shouldn’t be surprised, many of those first-time gun buyers are reportedly liberals, who have suddenly realized that they need to be able to defend themselves.

But we’re not talking about them, we’re talking about you and I. I’d say that if you’re not carrying every day, you need to. Having said that, this is a time when we should be extra slow to make that decision to draw. With tensions running high and so many angry people, drawing your gun just might be the thing that sets someone off. So I’d be sure to only draw it if you are absolutely sure that you need it.

The other reason I’d hesitate is that a handgun is a very ineffective weapon against a mob. No matter how many extra mags you carry, it’s just not going to be enough. Not only that, but you can’t shoot fast enough to protect yourself, if the mob attacks you. So, unless you’re carrying a flame thrower concealed, finding yourself in a situation where you need to draw your sidearm to defend yourself from a mob is a no-win situation.

But that’s not the only way you might find yourself endangered. There have been a number of cases where the mob has attacked people in cars. Often, these are elderly people who can’t defend themselves very well.

Ok, so what do you do if your car gets attacked?

We’ve seen a number of cases lately, where people in cars are attacked by the mob, usually by a mob that is blocking traffic, and they drive right through the mob. Invariably, those instances are reported from the viewpoint that the driver is doing something wrong, even when police say they aren’t.

So what’s the truth?

The laws surrounding the use of lethal force for self-defense are not limited to the use of firearms, even though that is the normal context where they are quoted. But to someone who understands weapons, anything can be a weapon.

I remember when all the drug cartel violence started in Mexico. At that time I was going into and out of Mexico a lot, driving a ¾ ton custom van. Friends and family were trying to get me to stop crossing the border, but I refused. My answer was always the same, “To those who understand weapons, anything can be used as a weapon. I’m driving a couple of tons of weapon, every time I go over there, and I’ve already worked out tactics for using it as a weapon, if I have to.”

During that time period, a missionary couple was stopped by one of the cartel road blocks and killed. Sadly, the husband didn’t understand how to use his Suburban as a weapon. Had he done so, rather than just trying to run away, they may have survived.

So what am I telling you?

I’m saying that if you find yourself in the midst of a mob that attacks your car, the correct response is to drive right through the crowd. I wouldn’t gun the engine and see how many I could mow over in the process; but I wouldn’t stop either. Once that first person hits your car, even if it with their hand, you are under attack and need to respond appropriately.

Now, as I said, the same laws about self-defense apply to using your vehicle as a weapon, that apply to using a firearm as one. So you want to be sure that the situation meets the criteria for the use of deadly force. That is, you are in danger of life or limb and any reasonable person, if found in your same situation, would agree that you are in danger. That’s the criteria you will be judged on, so be sure that you follow it and if you can, use a dashcam to shoot video.

With that, you can drive right through the crowd. I’d be as merciful as I could be about it, driving slow enough to give people a chance to get out of the way; but I wouldn’t stop. If they get hit or run over, that’s their fault. You aren’t the attacker, they are. All you’re doing is trying to save your own life.

You know, even getting arrested for running someone over is better than getting dragged out of your car and beaten to death. This is just one more tool, to keep available, along with keeping your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

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