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Here’s everything you need to get starting promoting the survival offer.

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(This one just kills but gets some complaints too)

RE: [FirstName] Your Order Will Be Canceled


We have reserved ONE free sample of American Natural Superfood for everyone on our list.

The problem is people are ordering 3, 4, even 10 samples for friends and family.

So we’re quickly running out of free samples of this revolutionary superfood.

Please go here before it’s too late and claim your free 3-day supply.

If you don’t I’ll have to cancel your order and give it to someone else.

Don’t wait GO HERE NOW.

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RE: $%#@! — the ‘holy grail’ of preparedness?!



We’ve just discovered the ‘holy grail’ of preparedness.

It’s easy to stockpile, easy to hide, and even easier to take with you in a bug-out situation.

It’s what every survivalist is missing from his or her stash: an easy way to get everything your body needs in a terrorist attack or disaster.

Check it out now before the next big meltdown hits all of us.

Sign off

PS: We’ve been out of stock of this for months because of massive demand.  Get yours before it’s gone again.

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RE: FEMA-Obama conspiracy to steal your stockpile

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The left-wing media won’t talk about it.

Obama wants to pretend it’s not happening.

But it is (here’s the proof).
The President signed an Executive Order that gives FEMA the right to ‘appropriate’ your survival stockpile.

But we’re fighting back.

Join the fight right here.



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We’re always coming up with new ones too, email us for more.  Just right click to save these images:


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