Are You Ready for an EMP?

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

If you’ve been watching the news lately, you know that President Trump and the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un, are in the midst of a giant stand-off. Kim, as usual, is threatening the United States and the world with his nuclear weapons, shooting missiles in the direction of Japan. But Trump, unlike his predecessor, isn’t bowing down to the North Korean dictator, he’s making some rather strong statements in response, essentially telling Kim that he won’t put up with the dictator’s garbage.

Trump has even managed to enlist the aid of the Chinese President, Xi Jinping in his quest to contain the threat of North Korea. This is a historic move, considering that China and North Korea have been allies since before the Korean War in 1950-53.

But there’s really no way of knowing how this is all going to play out. North Korea’s ruler seems psychotic, actually believing that he can take on the United States of America. His military might is ranked as number 36 in the world, while the USA stands at number one, with number two being a long ways behind.

The one thing that Kim Jong-un holds, which may make the calculus of war tilt in his favor is his nuclear arsenal and his willingness to use it. While the United States has literally thousands of nuclear weapons, we are reluctant to use them. Regardless of what liberals say about Donald Trump, I don’t think he’d be any more anxious to drop a nuke on them than any of his predecessors were. Trump may be emotional, but he’s also totally rational in his decisions.

Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for Kim. He may decide to send a nuke our way, just to show the world that he can flip the bird at the USA. If he does, the most intelligent thing for him to do would be to use one in a high-altitude EMP, destroying our electrical grid and our electronics.

The question is, can he actually do that? If we look at the known capability of his missiles, the answer is yes, with certain qualifications. He can’t send a nuke to us from his home country, but he could send us a missile from 100 miles off of our coast. The missiles he has could reach an apogee high enough so that the EMP would cover about 2/3 of the country. If two were shot at one, one from off of each of our costs, that could be a true TEOTWAWKI event.

Anyone who has spent any time studying EMP has a fairly good idea of what the effect would be on the United States. We depend on electricity and electronic equipment for everything. Without it, modern life would come to a standstill. More specifically, communications, transportation and the distribution of goods would come to a standstill. American life would be instantly transported back in time by over a century.

But it would actually be worse than that. Our great-grandparents knew how to live without electricity, doing pretty much everything manually. We don’t. So, we couldn’t just go back to doing things the way they did. Not only do we not have the knowledge of how to do so, but we don’t have the necessary tools to work with. How many of us have a wood-burning stove in our homes to cook on or a manual well to draw water from? How many have a homestead, with the ability to grow their own food? Can you kill your own hogs and smoke the meat? How are you at spinning wool and weaving cloth?

Literally everything we depend on would be wiped out in a moment. Our country’s entire infrastructure would come crashing down. People would starve by the millions, desperately attacking one another for a scrap of food. Those who are ready for such an event would most likely be the first ones attacked; and they would be attacked over and over again.

The only way to survive an EMP is to be ready to live without electricity. That means turning your home into a homestead. Not a modern homestead either, but one that relies on manual power, rather than electric power.

There’s one other thing you can do though, so that you don’t have to go all the way back to primitive ways of doing things. That is, develop the ability to live off-grid, at least to some extent. Believe it or not, solar panels can survive an EMP. They’ll lose about 10% of their power generating capability, but they’ll survive. So, if you have solar power installed, with a battery backup system, you’ll actually be able to use some electronics.

Of course, while the solar panels and batteries will survive the EMP, your solar charge controller and voltage inverter probably won’t. So you’ll need to have spares stashed away in a Faraday Cage, ready to be installed after the EMP, along with whatever electronics you’ll want to be able to use then.

So, don’t just keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand. Get yourself some solar panels and be ready to produce your own electricity too. You might just be glad you did.

Dr. Rich

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