Are you hopeless?‏

We talk a lot about how dire things are in American right now. We have an economy that’s a mess. Our oppressive government tramples on our rights every day. And our once great healthcare system seems doomed to be another government-run quagmire.

But are things hopeless? Are you hopeless?

I hope not. I’m not. On this day of prayer and reflection, I see plenty of reason for hope and optimism. And most of that optimism comes from speaking daily to folks just like you. YOU give me hope.

Because you’re willing to work to make our country better. Because you’re willing to make your life safer, and more self-reliant. Because you believe, like I do, that if we work together, we can persevere through anything.

So on this day of peace, please think about all the good things in your life. Think about all the people that weren’t lucky enough to be born in this glorious country. And as you make a your way around your community, give a little extra to those who are struggling more than you are.

Thank you for being here, and god bless…

Chris Peterson

Freedom Writers Publishing
1815 Central Park Dr. #358
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

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