Another Tragic School Shooting

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

You’ve probably heard about the Florida School Shooting to the point of being sick of it. Our country’s mainstream media outlets tend to jump on these events with gusto, not because of concern for the victims, but as a means to push their anti-gun political ideology. It has been said that the fame they give to the shooters is fueling these events, which is sad, considering that none of us want more school shootings to happen.

Of course, the other part of what’s going on is the false narrative about how many school shootings there have been this year. Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety has stated that there have been 18 of them, making it sound like mass shootings in schools is an almost every day event.

But they are pushing a false narrative. In order to come up with that number, Everytown is including two suicides that happened on school property, personal altercations, accidental discharges and even a stray bullet that happened to break a school’s window, without hurting anyone. Apparently in the eyes of some people, these events are as horrific as what happened in that school.

What you don’t hear, and will probably never hear from the mainstream media, is about the huge number of crimes that are stopped every year, by armed law-abiding citizens, mostly those who carry concealed. They don’t report those, because it goes against their narrative, which includes the idea that there is no such thing as a “good guy with a gun.”

In the midst of this, there are more and more school districts around the country which are allowing teachers and school administrators to carry concealed in school. Currently, 18 states have laws allowing some form of concealed carry in schools. This doesn’t mean that all staff are armed or even that all schools have armed staff, as the decision as to whether or not to allow teachers and administrators to arm themselves is often left up to local school boards.

In Texas, which seems to be leading the way on arming teachers, 172 school districts currently allow teachers to carry, with the proper training and licensing. This is only about 15% of the state’s 1,247 school districts, but is seen by many as a step in the right direction.

The real question, is whether arming teachers and administrators makes any difference. It does in Israel, where it is common for teachers not only to go armed, but to go armed openly, with military-grade rifles, not just concealed pistols. Even with the massive amount of terrorist attacks being committed in Israel by Hamas and other extremist terrorist groups, school shootings are virtually unheard of.

Joel Myrick, a former assistant principal, earned a moment of fame by stopping a school shooting in 1997. In that case, a student first stabbed his mother to death, then went to the school with a hunting rifle, intent on killing. Myrick, who carried a pistol in his vehicle, confronted the shooter and brought that killing spree to an end, with only two victims.

While two victims is two too many, it’s much better than 17. But this illustrates an important point. That is, when armed citizens stop a mass killer, the body count is lower than three, as opposed to the rising body counts that we are seeing from mass killings where there is no armed opposition until the police arrive.

Just look at the Sutherland Springs shooting. It’s actually surprising that nobody in that Texas church was armed and able to defend themselves. Nevertheless, it was an armed civilian who stopped the shooter, using an AR-15 style rifle to shoot him between his body armor, when he came out of the church. I have to say, that was some good shooting, especially considering it was against a moving target.

While there is no national database showing how many crimes have been stopped by armed civilians, the number is supposed to reach into the millions per year. That’s significant. But even if it is only one, isn’t that worth it? Didn’t Obama say something about saving just one life?

The fact of the matter is that we will never eliminate murder or attempted murder as long as there are people in the world. Guns aren’t the problem, it’s people’s hearts. As long as there are bad people with weapons of any kind, we will need good people with weapons that are at least as effective, to counter them. Since we can’t undo the laws of physics that make guns possible, it only makes sense for us to use those laws to our advantage and that of our children.

I don’t care if we hire armed guards, put retired veterans to work, post police in our schools or arm teachers, as adults, we have a moral responsibility to protect our children. As parents, we must demand this of our local school boards and our state-level lawmakers. I can guarantee you they are receiving a lot of pressure from anti-gun groups who have the false idea that they can eliminate gun crime by passing more restrictive laws. We need to put pressure on them as well.

But the pressure we put on them must be based in fact and logic. That means armed people protecting our children. I am personally in favor of arming those teachers who are willing to be armed. But I am also in favor of posting armed guards, perhaps military vets, in our schools as well. Our children are too valuable to do anything less.

In the mean time, if you can’t carry a gun in school, at least have one in your car. That way, if you happen to show up when someone tries to get their moment of fame, you’ll have a chance to do something about it.

As always, keep your powder dry and your survival gear close at hand.

Chris and Dr. Rich

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