Another Take on The Oregon Standoff: Dr. Rich Weighs In

NOTE: You can see Pat Bellew’s thoughts on the Oregon standoff right here.

Dear Fellow Survivalist;

militants-arrivejpg-95baf57817c30ed7Greetings. I don’t know if you’ve been keeping track of what’s going on in Oregon or not; but as the facts trickle out, it’s getting a little scary. What was a peaceful, although armed, protest, is being treated as an armed insurrection and the insurrectionists being treated as if they are terrorists.

For years, western ranchers have been fighting a quiet battle against federal government overreach and massive land grabs. Ranchlands, which have in some cases been in the same family’s hands for over a century are being gobbled up by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the ranchers told that the deeds they have to those lands are invalid.

The battle has been mostly fought in the courts, with the financial burden being carried by these ranching families. That means that when they run out of funds to pay their legal bills, the government wins and they end up losing their ranches. Clive Bundy, who had a standoff with federal agents in 2014, was the last rancher left in his area of Nevada. Now, Clive and his sons are in jail for standing up to the feds.

Why does this concern you and I? Partially because this is causing the price of beef to rise. As more and more ranchers are put out of business, beef will become scarce and the price will go up. The second (and more important) reason is that this is federal overreach, taking away our freedoms. No, it’s not your freedoms that are being affected, but when you take freedoms away from one American, it ultimately tightens the screws on us all. Eventually, it will affect us.

But there’s a third reason why this should concern us, and this one might be the biggest of them all. The actions of the BLM to take ranchlands away from ranchers and force them to shut down their ranches appear to be part of the UN’s Agenda 21. In a nutshell, Agenda 21 is a plan to herd all citizens of the world into cities and give the rest of the land to nature. It’s nothing more than a worldwide environmentalist land grab.

I’m not sure where the geniuses who came up with Agenda 21 think our food is going to come from, without land for farmers and ranchers to use. Perhaps they are some of the brilliant people who think that food comes from the grocery store, rather than ranches and farms.

The land grabs that the BLM is perpetrating throughout the west are not Constitutionally legal. There is nothing in the Constitution which gives the federal government the right to own land, other than 25 square miles for the District of Colombia, plus the land used for military bases and naval ports. Yet, there are states in the western part of the country, where the federal government, through the BLM and the forest service, claim ownership of over 90% of the total land.

While the federal government’s land grab is scary, what’s even scarier is how they and the leftstream news media are treating the peaceful protesters of these illegal government actions. The Occupy movement was demonstrating for over a year, creating a public mess, harassing people, defecating in public and damaging public property, yet they were treated as if they didn’t do anything wrong. Police didn’t shoot them and federal agents didn’t surround their protest, waiting for a chance to gun them down.

On the other hand, both in the Case of Clive Bundy’s protest in 2014 and the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, the protesters were treated as a militant occupying force. Hundreds of heavily armed federal agents, equipped with armored vehicles and drones surrounded the protestors, cutting them off from society.

The protest in Oregon came to a head when federal agents set up a heavily armed road block to stop a small group of the protesters from going to a nearby town to speak at a gathering of interested citizens. When LaVoy Finicum, a rancher who was acting as their spokesman got out of the car, he was assassinated in cold blood. The FBI is trying to claim that he drew a gun, but his hands were raised.

The gun in question was clearly planted on his body, as it was a stolen gun. His own gun was sitting in its holster and this gun was planted on him to “justify” the shooting. But over 100 shots were fired at a man who had his hands raised. Where is the public outcry? Why isn’t the media making a big deal out of it?

This event shows the danger of the direction that the government has taken. Various websites have said for a few years now that the DHS has redefined terrorists to be conservatives, rather than the true terrorists in the world. Well, this event shows the truth of that. Peaceful ranchers, who staged a peaceful, non destructive protest were arrested and one of them killed, while violent protesters in Ferguson and Baltimore destroy property, steal from stores and burn down buildings.

Apparently, crime is no longer defined by actions, but by political correctness. If you’re black and protesting against police or Muslim and protesting American culture, you can do no wrong. But if you’re white and conservative, you’re a terrorist who deserves to be killed.

I’d be careful if I was you. Times are getting to be more dangerous; and it could be that the biggest danger that we face is that of our own government. We may not have to survive a major disaster; we may be faced with the problem of surviving Washington, DC. Of the two, that one sounds worse. We’d better keep our ammo dry and our survival gear close at hand.

Dr. Rich

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