[Alert] 58 year old Texas man kills himself after internet scam READ NOW

Here’s a Scam Alert for this week that will chill you to the bone.


The problem

A prominent professor at Texas A & M University killed himself after being blackmailed by an internet scammer.  The scammer posed as a pretty girl and sent suggestive pictures to 58 year old James Aune.  The scammer then pretended to be the girl’s father, revealed that the girl was underage, and threatened to report Aune to school and law enforcement officials.  Aune threw himself off a building before the scammer could do so.

The proof



The solution

I know many of you are going to say that Aune should never have been communicating with someone that could have been underage – and you’re right.  But that’s not the point, the point is that Aune got scammed to the point where his only option was to take his life. The safest way to tell who is for real and who is not is to decide where the initial contact came from.  Did you initiate the conversation?  How did you find this person?  If they found you, somehow out of blue, and are suddenly interested in a friendship or relationship, be cautious.  Verify verify verify.


As always,

Chris Peterson


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